Friday, September 08, 2006

Yeah, It's Friday.

Boring lame slow agonizing and have I said slow? This Friday feels more like two Fridays so far. Tick...waits for an hour....Tock. Come on already! I am only human and can only handle a windowless room for so many minutes at a stretch without mass work or problems to distract me from the complete lack of a view.

How long have I been writing this? Not even a minute! I am going to lose what little I have left of my mind today unless this clock remembers that a second is only supposed to be a second long. I think I just caught the clock going backwards! Time for Mr. Clock to meet Mr. Hammer I think.



Anonymous said...

The work day is done and I'm going to buy some crack and smoke it all up!

rex said...

Thats the first thing Anon has said, that I beleive....