Friday, April 17, 2009

Second Post to be Posted without a Title

Welcome to another Friday. I missed last Friday, but that was because it was a "Good Friday" and we were closed. Last week was a magical alignment of our faiths that doesn't happen very often, and makes this year a special year for religious harmony if we want it to be. Christian and Jewish biblical stories coincided to where Jews celebrated Passover on the same night Jesus had his last supper for Good Friday to be that Friday and Easter to be that Sunday. It is kind of like a spiritual reboot for the problems plaguing the world today and it is up to us to recognize it and make it happen.

Happy Weekend to you all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does Hannity Really Not Understand History?

I was just listening to Hannity and a liberal caller called in to argue the "tea party" and Hannity justified the tea party by asking if the caller understood how much the tax increase the founders were protesting when they did the first one, but that is a misrepresentation of what the Founding Fathers did and why.

The cry of "no taxation without representation" was not about paying taxes and it was not over tea taxes. The cry was about being held to a governmental system that did not allow you a voice. The cry was about paying into a system that was against your freedom, not about not wanting to pay taxes. The tea was dumped because, just like today, drinking tea is pretty much an English thing and tea is a good symbol for the British Empire.

Hannity, you either have no understanding of history and therefore should keep your mouth shut, or you are purposely distorting history for political reasons and therefore should keep your mouth shut. Lesson over.

You can follow the heated debate this sparked by clicking HERE

Monday, April 06, 2009

Forgot to Title This

I think people peruse psychology as a profession so they always know where to find a good shrink; I really do. Most people in that profession I know or have to deal with tend to need to visit one of their peers really badly. I am dealing with one right now due to work and he is slowly driving me insane. Every conversation I have with him, it is as if we never spoke before and I have to go over everything again. He asks questions as if I did not just get done answering them and talks down to me as if he deserves respect without giving any. I call him "Dr" every time I deal with him, but he feels like he can call me "Brad" anytime he wishes. No more! I am "Mr. Schader" and will demand to be called as such or else I am going familiar on him and calling him by his first name! His age means nothing to me until he decides to start acting it. Anyone who starts a conversation off by saying to me "you have a lot of G-d damned nerve..." is not going to have a good conversation with me. I don't let my family or employers speak to me that way, so I will certainly not let a fat shrink talk to me like that.

Venting is nice. I doubt I will follow through with any of the above, but it feels damn good to say it.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Oh Joyous Friday

I am do not caring for gramer or speling tody. I am do not want to think tody,but just get to the wekend. In grate moooood, but am jst eagar for the wwkend alredy. Have a gtate wekend!