Monday, April 06, 2009

Forgot to Title This

I think people peruse psychology as a profession so they always know where to find a good shrink; I really do. Most people in that profession I know or have to deal with tend to need to visit one of their peers really badly. I am dealing with one right now due to work and he is slowly driving me insane. Every conversation I have with him, it is as if we never spoke before and I have to go over everything again. He asks questions as if I did not just get done answering them and talks down to me as if he deserves respect without giving any. I call him "Dr" every time I deal with him, but he feels like he can call me "Brad" anytime he wishes. No more! I am "Mr. Schader" and will demand to be called as such or else I am going familiar on him and calling him by his first name! His age means nothing to me until he decides to start acting it. Anyone who starts a conversation off by saying to me "you have a lot of G-d damned nerve..." is not going to have a good conversation with me. I don't let my family or employers speak to me that way, so I will certainly not let a fat shrink talk to me like that.

Venting is nice. I doubt I will follow through with any of the above, but it feels damn good to say it.

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VE said...

Swap his lunch in the fridge with the dog-poop-in-a-bag trick...