Friday, March 27, 2009

A Little Sweeny with your Friday, Mr. Todd?

It is Friday and I am a little late, but considering I live in Miami, let’s just call it “on Cuban time” and leave it at that. I am feeling so much better today; as if weights have been lifted off my cliché. I feel lighter too, but that could be due to the ever famous “depression diet.” My painful jaw has moved up into my ear, so now I hear a click with most jaw movements, but it goes away with slight massage and I feel that means it is an improvement over deterioration: bothersome to eat somewhat though.

This weekend’s homework for you is to watch Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street starring Johnny Depp and tell me what you think of it. I watched it on my insane day and I just cannot decide if it was awesome or really bad and I was blinded by the style over substance. Be warned: it is a musical that is directed by Tim “Nightmare Before Christmas” Burton, so bizarre does not totally cover it, but it is a friendly kind of bizarre. More than once this movie made me think of Edward Scissorhands, which does not sound weird considering it also starred Depp and was directed by Burton, but the two of them have made some seven movies together and this is the first time I have thought of a previous collaboration between them to compare. That is either a good thing (a return to form) or a bad thing (running out of new ideas) and I go back and forth between the two. Tell me what you come up with.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Back

Oh, did I need that. One more day would have been perfect, but I cannot push reality off that long and responsibility does have a nasty habit of not going away. I think I maximized every single second of yesterday’s sloth potential via video games, three movies, and a nap. Oh, and lots and lots of intoxicants.

After giving a brief update on my blog to alleviate my mother’s worry, I did not turn on my computer all day long; avoided news for the most part; and relaxed. Work did call once, so it was not a total day off, but that is par for the course and makes me feel needed although I really hated the call yesterday.

Today I feel so much better although my jaw is still killing me which I believe is the cause of the headaches. I am apparently clenching my jaw in my sleep and I have caught myself clenching during my waking hours many times. I have become slightly obsessed over touching my top canines to my lower, which I think extends my jaw in a way it is not meant to. I cannot figure out why or remember when it started, but I am relieved to have found the cause and now must make a conscious effort to STOP DOING THAT STUPID THING!

OK, back to work already in progress and hello to all those long lost friends! Scary Monster returns to blogging!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Took an "Insane Day"

I called into work "insane" today. I luckily have a boss who understands that not all "sick days" are of the physical variety: that sometimes you can be mentally sick or just plain sick of work and those should also count as sick days. Basically, a "sick day" to my company is a day that you wake up unable to deal with work. You get five of those and you can waste them on being physically sick, or you can call in "distress" and take a day. I never take vacation time, so I tend to use quite a lot of these "distress" days.

It is not that my life is particularity bad right now or anything. In truth, things are going great. I was under tons of stress from June 08 until November 08, but had to keep a strong face because everyone I knew was under tons of stress then and if we all surrendered to the stress there would be nothing today. Once that stress left, my best friend underwent a nasty and bitter break up (are there any other kind really?) with his girlfriend of 10 years and I had to be strong for him from November 08 until just a few weeks ago when they decided to give it another try. I think the stress I refused to acknowledge since June has finally broken through and I decided I needed a weekday to myself of extreme intoxication and that day is today. I am well on my way to being inebriated and it is only 1pm. Everything will be better tomorrow. I am actually smiling right now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another "Those" Day

So I woke up in a mood today that would require me to cheer up before I could qualify as pissed. I cannot tell you what exactly I am pissed off at, but I can safely say I am officially slightly beyond pissed today. I suppose you could say I am pissed off at every living creature on the face of the Earth, but that would let those creatures above and below the Earth off the hook and I am pretty much pissed at them as well. In fact, I am also pissed off at every formerly living thing above, on, and below the face of the Earth and, just to cover my bases, I am also pissed at those things yet to be alive. That and my head still hurts. More tomorrow….for I am too pissed to continue.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

K.B. Jones, Oz, and the Wingnut

Oz sat in the bare room; happy he was still buzzed and hoping that he still had some of this bud stashed somewhere for after he got out...if he got out. He had been in this room for three hours without so much as a peep from anyone. He knew what they were attempting thanks to his numerous hours watching the Discovery Channel: they were making him sweat before they started the interrogation. He just had to remember to say nothing other than “I would like to speak to an attorney,” even though the show he watched the other night said asking for a lawyer is the first sign of guilt. He knew he was in trouble and, even though he was innocent...mostly, he could not handle all the pressure on his own. Not with KB dead, a large section of the city in flames, and numerous cops and pizza delivery drivers not coming home that night. Perhaps he was a little more to blame than he first thought...

Oz, sometimes known as "Schwagz" was really named Oswald Schwartz and was a twenty-seven year old pizza delivery driver for Happy Face Pizza.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Got It!

I have not written the next "Stanley Schwartzenberg" story yet because I did not have any clue what to do with the character, but I think I have it now. Stanley is not a lead character, but rather a side character and that is where he fits into a story I have had in my head for years. The Wingnut character I wrote of long ago, as well as KB Jones from the "Charlie" story are main characters to my tale, along with another character named Oswald "Oz" "Schwagz" Schwartz and a deal KB and Oz made with the devil. I think Stanley is my missing key to telling the story, as it is now going to be Oz in custody telling the story to Stanley in hopes Stanley will be his lawyer in the upcoming trial. Stay tuned, but no time frame for this one.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Wrote It; You Name It

I battled flies, bees, rats living in a tree in my backyard, and now, as of last night, ants. My home was invaded by ants last night; big red ants with black stripes. I never saw more than one at a time, but I proceeded to kill them, one at a time, over the course of four hours. I probably killed 75 ants last night and they kept coming. I can’t say if it was stubbornness on their part, or perhaps each subsequent group was actually a search party looking for the previous group. If the latter was the case, I am an asshole.

BTW, it is Friday and have a great weekend, even though this is our second Friday the 13th in as many months. Freaky, huh? I bet you all can guess what I am watching tonight? Tradition!

PS- if you hate the current template for the blog, don't worry- so do I. It will be changed soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh My My

It seems my template went bad and that is why all my text vanished. As you can tell, I have changed templates and "presto changeo" my writing returned. Curse Blogger and their inconsistent service. Sometimes I almost wish I paid for the service so I could complain about it, but, since it is free, I am getting everything I pay for.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Welcome to the Friday

Welcome to the Friday, we have fun and games. And it is a weird Friday today, but weird in a good way. I keep getting saved at the last minute and I am not going to bitch about that. I had $800 worth of bills clear last night at once, leaving me with $15 until next Thursday just to wake up and find my tax return check in my mailbox! I had more patients then I had techs this weekend only to have two old techs call me out of the blue looking to see if I needed any help. That means no patients have to be canceled and I don't have to pay overtime! I am not going to speak of any more of my good fortune or else it might seem like bragging and then Karma will kick my ass. I am going to say I hope all of you get to experience even a small part of the luck I am having today. If so, it will be a very Happy Weekend.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Car Shopping Ends

So after test driving a few various makes and models and talking to the holders of my lease, the grand adventure ends with me being the proud owner of...(insert drum roll here) the same car I had to start with! Yes, that is right, the holders of the lease made me an offer I would be foolish to turn down. I did check out a few newer cars for about the same price the offer to keep mine was, but I have a really nice car, 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it is much better than the Dodge Caliber I was comparing it too. This means I did buy American, just not new American so I really don't think I ended up helping the nation's economic problems in the long run, but I did help with my transportation problems, so that will have to do.

I am working on the next edition of Stanley Schwartzenburg, Defense Attorney to the Horror Movie Slashers and hope to have it up by Saturday night, Sunday night at the latest. Tune in tomorrow for our usual "It's Friday!" See you then!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Car Shopping Today

I am doing my part today. My lease has ended and I am going to buy American. Wish me luck on finding a great deal!