Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Back

Oh, did I need that. One more day would have been perfect, but I cannot push reality off that long and responsibility does have a nasty habit of not going away. I think I maximized every single second of yesterday’s sloth potential via video games, three movies, and a nap. Oh, and lots and lots of intoxicants.

After giving a brief update on my blog to alleviate my mother’s worry, I did not turn on my computer all day long; avoided news for the most part; and relaxed. Work did call once, so it was not a total day off, but that is par for the course and makes me feel needed although I really hated the call yesterday.

Today I feel so much better although my jaw is still killing me which I believe is the cause of the headaches. I am apparently clenching my jaw in my sleep and I have caught myself clenching during my waking hours many times. I have become slightly obsessed over touching my top canines to my lower, which I think extends my jaw in a way it is not meant to. I cannot figure out why or remember when it started, but I am relieved to have found the cause and now must make a conscious effort to STOP DOING THAT STUPID THING!

OK, back to work already in progress and hello to all those long lost friends! Scary Monster returns to blogging!


Serena said...

Sounds like your "Insane" time did you good. Jaw clenching can indeed cause headaches. I catch myself doing the same thing occasionally. Have you been checked for TMJ? That can also cause horrific headaches. Glad you're feeling better!

nanc said...

mr. kanrei - WHAT do YOU plan to do about this economy you've ruined?