Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pardon Me Whilst I Vent

Here is what I see as the ignored Libyan issue that is of vital importance and why I have problems with it: we helped AQ take Libya. It is central to this story and is being overlooked in an election year where taking small talking points out of context is more important than looking at larger and more complex issue.

As I recall, and I admit it may be flawed, but Benghazi was the starting point of a Civil War against Kaddafi; it was also a known Al Qaeda stronghold. The main group behind said uprising, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group or LIFG was known to the State Department as an AQ group whose leader was caught in 2002 fighting in Afghanistan against us and sent to Libyan prison. In 2006, the State Department declared the LIFG an AQ offshoot and forbid assistance.

Fast forward to the Civil War. We gave aid to the LIFG in their war against Qaddafi based on a threat to destroy Benghazi civilians; the main source of this info was the LIFG. We decided to help the rebels in the spirit of an Arab Spring we didn’t understand, but were too eager to make friends in the region and hoped despite decades of their hating us after our help that this time would be different.

Fast forward again: Kaddafi is dead and the rebels won. Their first act: They fly an AQ flag in Benghazi; a clear sign of who exactly won the civil war.

Fast forward one last time: a riot that ends with our embassy overrun and 4 people killed including a US Ambassador; the first killed in over 30 years. The spark of said riot is the current distraction, but not the issue. The issue is this: given all I have listed above which is all easily confirmed, why would we depend on the rebels to defend an embassy in a known stronghold of the enemy we are currently engaged in a world wide war against?

Obama’s statements and Romney’s statements are distractions from a major FUBAR in our national security. It is an easy way to get us fighting amongst ourselves in an election year and ignoring the main people who FUBARed it and are NOT subject to election. This entire affair must be looked into, not from the perspective of a video or who said “terrorism” and when, but why we helped rebels we knew were allies of an enemy we were fighting in other countries.

In light of the recent talk of Syria and their civil war, the time is well past now to look into what went wrong with Libya and how we ended up aiding our enemies before we possibly do it again: Most of the time the enemy of my enemy is just another asshole who will end up screwing me over too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eaten Alive- 70's Cheese

Wow did I watch a bad movie last night: Tobe Hooper’s Eaten Alive. Now I am a Tobe Hooper fan for the record. Besides Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both 1 and 2), Salem’s Lot, and The Funhouse (all horror classics), he is the man who Steven Spielberg turned to for a director of what is still the best haunted house movie ever made; Poltergiest. But Eaten Alive, his second movie, is trash…fun trash, but trash. Such trash in fact that I needed a shower after I saw it to get the stench of it off me. What else can you say about a movie where the first spoken line is Robert England saying “My name is Buck and I’m here to fuck?” Yes, this is where Tarantino got that famous line in Kill Bill Vol 1 from.

The pattern is basically this: girl goes to swamp motel (why?) and Judd (the innkeeper) gets horny. She turns him down so he feeds her to his crocodile. Another girl comes with man. Judd kills man, feeds man to his crocodile, kidnaps girl, forgets about her for most of the movie, and kills others who come to have sex at his swamp motel (why?) Repeat until clean which won’t ever happen while watching this movie.

Here’s the thing about Eaten Alive; it is just so damned weird that makes you stick around until the end. The sets, costumes, lighting, everything works…even the over the top acting. The couple that arrives with their girl and dog (actually named Snoopy) obviously has a very interesting back story, but Hooper ain’t going to tell you any of it. All you need to know is the husband is a nut, the wife is a bitch, the daughter is a whiner, and the dog is croc-food. Then there is Judd…

Like other Hooper villains, he is insane, but is lucid in his insanity. He knows he is totally gone and enjoys that fact. He almost seems as bewildered as the audience as to why people keep coming to his swamp motel (why?). He rambles to himself about nothing which is the bulk of the script and has zero back story. Not that Hooper isn’t a story teller, but like the couple, and Buck, and everyone else in this movie, what happened before the credits are not a factor in the tale. In fact, what happens after the opening credits is not a factor either: it is just a ride of weirdness, cheese, and a healthy does of 70’s Grindhouse Misogyny.

I cannot recommend this movie to most people, which would mean I heavily DO recommend it to some. If you loved MST3K, this is the movie for you. It provides an endless supply of joke set ups. Get drunk; get high; get friends and have fun.

The best part of this movie is finding the source of "My name is Buck and I love to fuck."   

Thursday, September 06, 2012

In an Empty Wedge Issue Do We Trust

How much vindication does one supposedly omniscient and omnipresent Supreme Being need? Why is it a story whether the DNC included him or not? I am pretty sure between putting “In G-d We Trust” on the currency and our pledge to be one nation under him that he is fairly secure in our feelings on the subject. Do we really need a party platform to include trust in him?

Besides, I am pretty sure the omniscient and omnipresent Supreme Being knows better than any of us that everything a politician says is a lie. I would think he would be more comfortable if they just left him out of this nonsense.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Change Changing Changes

So this is the year of change it seems. A change at my old haunt online has driven me from posting there. A change in a good friend’s behavior has changed multiple aspects of my life and a change at work has made my job more secure. My sister is changing her location. My niece has returned to school.

As with most changes: some are bad; some are good; and the vast majority of changes require time and distance to properly evaluate on the grand scale of life. I will however gladly accept that we are busy at work; very busy. If the other changes were the Karmic price I had to pay, then I would gladly pay even more.

Rush sang: No changes are permanent, but change is. It has been a good 10 years since the last change in my life; I am due and welcome it. Let’s see where you take me change. Let’s ride!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

To the tune of "Yellow Submarine"

In the town where I was born
They speak a language from another shore
And I just can’t understand
This language from another land

I live in Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
I live in Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A

Most of my friends have moved away
They want to know what people say
But my hometown I won’t betray
I refuse, so here I stay

I live in Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
I live in Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A

I happen to love the foreign scene
Best of both worlds, quite a dream
I get the fun and all the sun
And I don’t have to speak to anyone

I live in Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
I live in Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A
Miami, F-L-A

Monday, February 13, 2012

To the tune of the Theme from Grease

We got no jobs
So now we're gonna burn
Down our city blocks
This isn't your concern

So there's have no money
To repair the damage done
We had a lot of fun
Our reputation's earned
Greece is absurd

We're on the Euro
But we don't get paid
So now we're afraid
And acting stupidly

Athens on fire
Let's all roast some smores
We would rather be with whores
But they don't give up for free
Greece is absurd

Greece is absurd
It's absurd
So I've heard
There is looting and fighting

Greece is a blaze
I'm amazed
No one's phased
Isn't anyone thinking?

Greece is absurd
Its absurd
Its absurd
Its absurd

Friday, February 10, 2012

Videos by Me

I now have a Youtube page where I am posting videos. So far it is just two music videos for my fake band, The Morbid Posers, with all visuals and audio performed by me; three animated things I posted while learning a new program to make more videos; and one of my cat plaiyng fetch. More will be coming.

My Youtube Page!!!

Enjoy and come by often please. I want the views. Seems I do have an ego after all.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Answer from Sen. Bill Nelson

Dear Mr. Schader:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me about the PROTECT IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Over the past month, I’ve heard from a number of folks who’ve voiced concerns that the bills could inadvertently punish law-abiding websites and Internet retailers. In fact, there was enough concern about the Protect IP Act that the Senate postponed a vote on the legislation.

I strongly support Internet freedom, which includes easy access to and movement around the web. But I think that something needs to be done about piracy and counterfeiting from foreign websites. Crooks who try to evade the law online cost the U.S. billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. I will work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to make sure that any final legislation is narrowly tailored to stop piracy without stepping on innovation and competition online.

So, thank you again for taking the time to contact me on this important issue. Please know that I’ll keep your views in mind as work continues on this legislation. If I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bill Nelson

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To the tune of "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac

Yesterday you said something dumb
It caused us all to have a little fun
Making light of the dumb things you say
I can't wait till election day
The GOP debating
Election day's almost here
It will be here before we are done
And Obama still won
Obama still won

If you think you may have a clue
Well we can't tell by the stupid things you do
Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann
I suppose you want Barack Obama again

The GOP debating
Election day's almost here
It will be here before we are done
And Obama still won
Obama still won

Warning: Those Day Ahead

Today is a those day. I can feel it, can you? I could tell by the endless stream of commuters who refused me access to the far left lane none of them were using that today was certainly a those day.

Personally, I prefer THESE! days. THESE! is such a friendly and inviting word. Would you prefer THESE! or those? Always THESE!, right? THESE! are eager and ready to help! those are distant and require you to work for them. Think about it: have you ever said those with any eagerness? You mean I get those reeks of disappointment. I can have THESE! drips with excitement!

Stay indoors today and cover your head; crawl in the sheets and call it a day. Today is a those day.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama's First Term in a Single Photo: Both Pro and Con

I seriously like this photo. I really think it sums his first term up so perfectly


It is a great photo.
He looks strong in it.
He is leaning Left.


It is a photo of the TelePrompTer with him inside of it.
He is transparent in the photo.
It is a reflection leaning left, so he really is leaning Right

You can put your own value to it and be correct.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Copy of Email Sent to Sen Bill Nelson

You must vote against this. Voting for NDAA was pretty bad, but if you vote for this as well I will have no choice but to support any opponent this fall in your bid for re-election. Freedom is the most sacred of all American attributes and any attempt to limit them is an affront to us all.

While I am sure your intent with this bill was noble, as usual the putting of it into practice is troublesome and the wording of the bill leaves too much open to future government officials who may see it a different way and use it for nefarious purposes.

It is always better to side with more freedom rather than less. The risks of SOPA being abused in the future is too great to allow a bill like this to be passed.

Please vote against it. I voted for you before and would very much like to do so again. I cannot vote for anyone who votes against freedom.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heaven Announces Candidate for 2012 Election

*News Release*
Date: 1/16/12
Time: 11:18am EST

G-d Declares His Candidacy and Plans to QB Super bowl.

Tired of hearing about how he supports this candidate or this team, G-d has decided to end "all this stupid mortal nonsense" and seek the office of the President once and for all for himself. He said at a recent press conference: If you want me to solve your problems, I will solve them my way.

His platform includes, but is not limited to:

1. Earth flooding
2. First born killing
3. Insect plagues
4. Extending of the Bush Tax Cuts for two more years
5. Rib removal

Opponents have sighted G-d's omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence as unfair advantages and are seeking Campaign Supernatural Reform prior to his declaration.

Given his ability to exist in both the past and future, it is generally believed that by declaring his candidacy, G-d has in fact already won the Nov 2012 election that has yet to happen for the rest of us.

A Little Humor

The Man Should Forever Have to Live This Down.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band @ Bank Atlantic Center 1/12/12

70’s reborn! That is about the sum total of it.

I would love to open with a full review of the opening act, but I can’t really as they never told us who they were. OK, to be fair, I was a bit late and heard the start of their first song as I got to the fourth floor of the Bank Atlantic Center, but still as an opening act one would assume they would remind us who they were once or twice during their set. They instead just said random rock Cliches like “Ft Lauderdale!” and “Bob Seger folks!” We know where we are and who we came to see; we need to know who you are! They then closed their set with the ultimate rock cliché by playing a song for our troops.

While a song for the troops is noble, playing Creedence Clearwater’s Fortunate Son is not the song to play. I love the song personally and was glad to hear it, but the “for the troops” kept repeating in my head as the lead singer sang the lyrics “some folks are born made to wave the flag…but it ain’t me.” I kept being reminded of those poor people who think Born in the USA is a pro-America song, but never bothered to pay attention to the actual lyrics. This band did not have the luxury of that excuse as they sang them 100% correct. They just didn’t get the song and anyone who knows me and how I am with lyrics knows this was totally distracting for the rest of the opening act. Actually made me think of Nirvana who sang: He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs and he loves to sing along, but he don’t know what it means.

However…this is a review of Bob Seger. It is a sign of poor writing that I have spoken so far of an unknown opening act, CCR, Springsteen, and Nirvana and have not yet got to the Detroit Rock Star himself. I will correct that now.

Bob Seger is a man I never knew what he looked like to begin with and my only real exposure to his songs are via the live albums, so I thought I knew what to expect and I was promised not to be disappointed by his older appearance. I was wrong on the first count and never saw beyond a gray blur on a black body thanks to my 40 year old vision. The audio of a Bob Seger show I knew was only 30% of the experience. The man and his band know how to put on a show. It didn’t matter where you looked on the stage at any time; each member of the band was performing and giving it their all. And there were about 15 people on the stage from his back up singers to his horn section to his band.

The songs were just one hit after another with no filler tunes save for one new song towards the end of his set, but the man can’t do just “Turn the Page” forever…well, he actually could. My friend and I would comment after each song ended “that could have been the encore!” Most bands would be lucky to have a song like “Old Time Rock and Roll” or “Fire Down Below” to close a set with, but Bob has so many hit songs that those were placed early in his set with bigger hits following. Even the previously mentioned “Turn the Page” didn’t earn encore status which gave it an amazing “out of nowhere” feel as I really expected it to be at least the closer.

I must take a moment here to speak about Alto Reed. Alto has been with Bob Seger since 1971 and the man IS the show. He moves nonstop with these funky dance steps and his sax solos empower every song he touches. As much as Bob’s singing, Alto’s sax IS “Turn the Page” and as much as I wanted to watch Bob do his thing, Alto kept stealing my attention.

And the crowd…I posted on Facebook from the show “Cougars, and Bikers, and Hicks…Oh My” and that about sums it up. My beard and bald spot fit in perfectly which was actually nice for a change at a concert. The only problem was the quality of the pot they smoked. I did not partake at all, but the aroma of cheap dirt weed was rather pathetic given the age of the crowd. Shows I go to with younger crowds has better smelling herb and it isn’t a concert until you smell that first joint. You know that is true.

Overall, I am so happy I got to see Bob Seger and am more than happy that even 40 years later, he still seems to love every moment on the stage playing the same songs he has for 40 years. He sounds exactly like he always did, but given his voice was never operatic to begin with, that really wasn’t too shocking.

Go see him if you get the chance. You will be more than happy.


1. Roll Me Away
2. Tryin' to Live My Life Without You (Otis Clay cover)
3. The Fire Down Below
4. Mainstreet
5. Old Time Rock & Roll
6. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
7. Hey Hey Hey Hey (Goin' Back to Birmingham)(Little Richard cover)
8. Travelin' Man
9. Beautiful Loser
10. We've Got Tonight
11. Nutbush City Limits (Tina Turner cover)
12. Come to Poppa
13. Her Strut
14. Real Mean Bottle (Vince Gill cover)
15. Turn the Page
16. Sunspot Baby
17. Katmandu
18. Against the Wind
19. Hollywood Nights
Encore 2:
20. Night Moves
21. Rock and Roll Never Forgets

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The GOP Hokey Pokey

The GOP race is rapidly becoming a children's game:

You put your candidacy in
You take your candidacy out
You put your candidacy in
And you raise a little doubt
You try the next Primary
And you hope for a little clout
That's what its all about