Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does Hannity Really Not Understand History?

I was just listening to Hannity and a liberal caller called in to argue the "tea party" and Hannity justified the tea party by asking if the caller understood how much the tax increase the founders were protesting when they did the first one, but that is a misrepresentation of what the Founding Fathers did and why.

The cry of "no taxation without representation" was not about paying taxes and it was not over tea taxes. The cry was about being held to a governmental system that did not allow you a voice. The cry was about paying into a system that was against your freedom, not about not wanting to pay taxes. The tea was dumped because, just like today, drinking tea is pretty much an English thing and tea is a good symbol for the British Empire.

Hannity, you either have no understanding of history and therefore should keep your mouth shut, or you are purposely distorting history for political reasons and therefore should keep your mouth shut. Lesson over.

You can follow the heated debate this sparked by clicking HERE


Your mother said...

Good Pick up Brad. I think everyone forgot that it was about representation and not taxes, including your mother

VE said...

Perhaps he was doodling that day in history class...