Friday, September 29, 2006

The Friday Babble

It is officially Friday now. I am sorry about the “teaser” post, but last time I spoke too early of a good Friday I got sent on a three-hour tour. I figured that precedent had been set and I should not let “them” know I was having a good day today. Can you really blame me to be honest?

I am a person who notices patterns and I try to maintain them as best I can. I have noticed that listening to comedy while I drive to work in the morning gives me a better day than music does. I have noticed that traffic on my way to work means that I will have to work for everything all day long while getting all the green lights means things will come easily all day. If I rub the roof of my car when I run through a yellow light I will not get a ticket; if I forget to rub I will. I have already said I was a superstitious person.

For those who have become “main characters” at the lemming house (read the “Charlie” story to understand that one) you know Fridays and I do not get along. To the “guest stars” I should explain a little bit about this issue I have with Fridays. To understand why Friday hates me you will have to go to Friday’s blog and read on it. I cannot and will not answer for it.

I hate Friday because I work for a business that is open seven days a week, but I only work Monday through Friday. This means that on Friday I must do the work for Saturday and Sunday. For those mathematically impaired, that would be (counts on fingers) three days of work in one. Add to that the fact that no one really wants to work on Saturday or Sunday and now you see my dilemma.

I have noticed that Friday reads this blog as well. I realized this when it started easing up on me if I complained here about it, but would get meaner if I said anything positive. It was cosmically really funny, but personally painful.

I want to like Fridays again like when I was a kid. I don’t want to fear Friday. We used to be so close. We used to spend the entire day together. Sure, we had to start the day off with school, but then the night was ours and we would be together every minute of the night. Friday and I were practically married.

Sometime around college, I started working in restaurants and Friday became Monday. I seemed to always get Wednesday and Thursday off and would begin my week with a Friday. So cruel to turn my best friend into my worst enemy, but it happened and we were enemies for the next 10 years. We hated each other until I returned to Miami in fact.

I think Friday missed Miami. Thinking back I realized that we had not gotten along since I moved away. I had sincere hopes that we could mend our differences while here and maybe return to the good old days of yore. We could go back to counting the hours until freedom and go out enjoying the night, but I was not the same and neither was Friday.

Friday and I were enemies and there was nothing I could do to change it. Friday would plot and plan against me every week and I would beat it most weeks and lose others. For the last year or so Friday has won almost every week until I figured out not to let it know.

Friday has ADHD and loses interest if it cannot see a score. If I let it know it has won, it lightens up and coasts to victory. If I let it know it is losing, it tries harder and harder to win. Since Friday is so effective at winning against me, I just hide the score now.

So no post on a Friday means good day and Friday will be none the wiser. I realize Friday now knows my plan, but Friday has no memory and will forget this by Sunday.


RexZeitgiest said...

ahahahahah...Nice....My Friday used to be Tuesday.....When you are a real estate agent Saturady and Sunday are your biggest days for fishing......

Lately every day has been a Saturday, I need to get more Mondays and less Sundays, with the tv of Thursday thrown in for good measure.

Serena Joy said...

I love Fridays since I don't work on Fridays. I see your dilemma, though -- having to do 3 days work in one. That would be hard for anybody.