Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dwayne "Dog" Chapman Freedom

To: USA and Mexican Governments

We, the friends and fans of Dwayne "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, son Leland Chapman and associate Tim Chapman, call for the US and Mexican Governments to drops all warrants and charges against this man who does so much to improve our society and rid the streets of criminals.
Dog Chapman and family captured a very dangerous escaped Rapist that was on the run, something that neither the US or Mexican Officials could do.

Dog Chapman, Leland Chapman and Tim Chapman, are the good guys who help our society everyday. We request and demand their freedom


The Undersigned

Please click this link and let your voice be heard!

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Anonymous said...

I truely believe that there is more to this than the people are realizing now because of the shock factor. I believe that someone is making some serious bucks on this. It may be the government in either country. It may be a trade off of somekind. The main reason being that it is so petty and it makes no since at all. Why didn't they receive a notice for court? Why are they just finding out now after three years. I hope that if that is the case that someone will be exposed for it!
I am only one person with one voice but I would like to ask everyone to boycot Mexico! Let's not spend another red American cent in the country of Mexico. If you want to Vacation then go someplace else! They depend on our tourist dollars. Lets not give
them anymore of our American money!