Friday, September 01, 2006

Cause for a Pause

By Kanrei

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez recently signed peace treaties with Syria. Syria is a terrorist state. One part of that agreement is that citizens of Venezuela and Syria no longer need visas to travel between the two countries. This is not a good sign for anyone.

Now Chavez is in Cuba with Castro. He is there “visiting” a recovering Fidel and an in-over-his-head Raul. There must also be another reason for this visit. If Castro signs any agreement with Chavez, then that would put Cuba in league with Syria. This would be justification for invasion in my opinion.

It would not be the first time Cuba went out of its way to embrace an enemy of America from the other side of the world. The threat from Russia was minimal compared to the threat of Syria having that kind of access to America. Russia did not want to be destroyed; Syria does not think that is an option. The insane are always scarier than the power hungry.

I am probably just being paranoid and jumping the gun. Maybe one Spanish leader is just visiting another. Maybe they are old friends. Maybe Chavez has no plans to take Cuba from a weak Raul. Maybe a weak Raul will not align with the Venezuela/Syria pact. Maybe I will find a winning lottery ticket tomorrow. This just gives me a bad feeling.


The Phantom said...

Throw in Iran and then N. Korea Kan. and before you know it you are looking 90 miles at a nuclear warhead. It could easily happen.

The Phantom

Kanrei said...

It has once already. Cuba has shown they cannot be trusted when they align with our enemies.

The Phantom said...

Do you think things will ever change in Cuba Kan?

The Phantom

Kanrei said...

Depends on the Cubans. All up to them

Serena Joy said...

I don't think this bodes well at all. In fact, I think it sounds like Phantom's 90 mph warhead analogy is right on target. Scary.

RexZeitgeist said...

Where is a stray nuke when you need one?

RexZeitgiest said...

Things will cahnge in Cuba, its inevitable.....Once Castro dies, the whole thing will collapse.