Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Growing Problem Ignored

By Kanrei

Ninety one miles from the very spot this is being written at there is trouble in its infancy. Ninety one miles from my home town is the so called “capital of the Third World” AKA Havana, Cuba: home of this year’s “Non-Aligned Movement” nation meeting.

For those like myself who never have heard of this before, it is a meeting of 55 nation’s leaders to discuss the chief threat to world peace also known as the United States. The guest list for this meeting includes such great and freedom loving countries as Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Bolivia. See, Pakistan and India can agree on something after all. We can bring peace.

Bad joke. I joke when I am stressed. This meeting is the real life equivalent of SPETRE for any James Bond fans out there. For the non-fans, SPECTRE stood for “SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion” and was an international terrorist organization out for world domination. The current global situation is pretty much right out of an Ian Fleming novel with this NAM group as the super-villian.

With these nation meeting to plan our demise, Iran and Cuba coming together is worse than any U.S.S.R. treaty with Cuba could ever be. Cuba is still only 91 miles away and Cubans know how to get into this country undetected. They have perfected it and our laws encourage it.

Many people do not know about the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, but it stands to create the biggest threat with an Iran/Cuba treaty. It is also known here as the “Wet Feet/Dry Feet” policy. It basically says that any Cuban that makes it to dry land gets to stay while any caught in the water are deported. With it only being a 91 mile boat ride, does anyone else see the problems with an Iranian/Cuban alliance?

The hurricanes last year showed us that we are not ready for a major tragedy. What happens if terrorists get in from Cuba? I mean we have 150,000 tired and drained troops in Iraq and another 20,000 in Afghanistan, so what do we have to defend us from this very real and growing threat?

Before you start saying Cuba and Iran would never join, remember that Fidel is not in power right now. Fidel never would join with Iran. I agree with that, but Fidel is not in power right now, his brother Raul is. Raul is not as bright or strong as Fidel and he would gladly ally with Iran if he thought it would help him retain power. He is already sucking up to them in the speech he made he made to start the NAM meeting.

"Let us denounce the hypocrisy of the United States government, which threatens Iran to prevent it from the peaceful use of nuclear energy while it supports Israel in the expansion of its nuclear arsenal".

Raul has gone as far as to post billboards around Havana showing Bush as a vampire or as Hitler. There is no purpose to his doing this other than as a sign of support to the nations coming to Havana for the meeting.
The masters of terrorism joining with the masters of sneaking here: two horrible things that go horribly together.

I am also concerned right now because Gitmo is in Cuba. Gitmo is where we just sent the fourteen top terrorists in our custody and Cuba is on the side of Iran. Why exactly is our top terrorist prison in a nation sympathetic to our enemies? I cannot see any logic in this nor can I see any logic in our announcing to the world that we were transferring them there.

I am not calling for an invasion of Cuba, although it probably would not be a bad idea. Rather I am asking this country to pay more attention to the immigration problems of south Florida because I have a horrible feeling this is the next front in the war on terror.  91 miles is not very far.  It takes me longer to get to Disney World than it takes someone to get here from Cuba.  The Florida coast is an unprotected border that the nation has ignored.  This meeting happening in Cuba is not coincidence.


drudge4life said...

Quit being a coward. Grab a beer and watch football.

missouri-lisa said...

I don't blame you for your concern, Kan.

This can only be a bad situation heading our way.