Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Insert Simpson’s Nelson laugh here: HA HA!

Every so often there comes a story that is not political nor mocking a celebrity that is still so ridiculous that I must write about it. The “Tale of the Blown Job” was one such story. The following is another and, like the “Blown Job” requires no exaggeration or sarcasm. The story alone is enough.

A man is driving in Ontario. He is going up and down the hills and mountains that eastern Ontario has to offer. He is having a wonderful time and traveling at speeds of 161 kpm or 100 mph for those of us metrically challenged.

Needless to say the police pull the man over to issue a ticket. The driver, they find, is from Switzerland and explains that he was taking advantage of being able to drive fast without hitting goats. Do I need to say that again?

That is quite possibly the best excuse I have ever heard. Why didn’t I think of that when I lived in North Carolina? The only real problem is that I think the guy was serious and not making an excuse. Either way he received a $330 fine for speeding.

"I've never been to Switzerland but obviously they must have a problem with that there," said police spokesman Joel Doiron.". Not when this guy is visiting Canada obviously.

That is all I got on this story, but I felt that it needed repeating. It made me smirk. I am sure there are many Swiss lonely shepherds who want to avenge their fallen lovers. Oh, I think that was below even me.


Serena Joy said...

Where do you find this stuff? I am LMAO.:)

Kanrei said...

One positive side of not having a life and loving the internet.