Sunday, September 24, 2006

Quarantine Over

The Lemming House is almost disease free and should be open again tomorrow. I am sorry I vanished this weekend, to both my readers and my family. I tried so hard to participate in yesterday, but just kept rolling back over and sleeping another four hours.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and are ready for the fast coming in a few days. Atonement through starvation is like a cleansing and a diet rolled up in one.

Tomorrow (or possibly later tonight) the weirdness and rambling babble of incoherent tangents will start anew. I am still pondering the Charlie story, so do not fear I have forgotten about it. I just wrote myself into a spot I must figure out before I continue.

I hope I did not get anyone besides my mother and boss sick. I feel bad about getting my mom sick, but my boss probably deserved it for some reason. Oh crap, she reads this blog too. Never show your boss your blog.

I love you boss.


Serena Joy said...

It's good you're feeling better. Sleep was probably the best thing for you, though. Hopefully, your mother will forgive you. My boss doesn't know I even have a blog. That's always the best policy.

RexZeitgeist said...

My mom can't even turn her computer on.....

Glad you are up and at em, slacker....Enough gold bricking, its back to the lemming mine!