Friday, September 29, 2006

A Good _____Day

I am a superstitious person. Not by nature, but rather upbringing, but the end result remains the same: I am superstitious. I avoid walking under ladders, I avoid black cats, I never step on cracks, I throw salt over my left shoulder and I am convinced that talking about a good day will only turn it bad. This is why the “It’s Friday” update has not yet arrived and this does not count as it. This is only an update to tell you why there is no update, but I cannot really tell you without jinxing my day. That should be all I need to say for now. More later I promise.


RexZeitgiest said...

This isn't a comment, just a tease about possible future comments.

Kanrei said...

If I could I would "funny flag" that. Satire at its best.

RexZeitgiest said...

'I STILL got it.', Ralph the mouth.