Monday, September 25, 2006

The Fox and a Slick Willie

By Kanrei

There is a huge deal being made about Clinton’s behavior on Fox last Sunday by the partisans and they are discussing it in a vacuum. They are talking about things Clinton says in a context free clip montage. The interviewer’s question is not even given in its entirety. No, this clip fest being shown on news shows around the world is custom designed to show Clinton as a raving madman.



Variant E said...

Gosh...what would George W. have done???

missouri-lisa said...


One post here about this:

First of all, what started Bill off was when Wallace wanted to cut him off from finishing his answer. I don't blame him for that.

It is no suprise to anyone that these type of shows want to show up their opponent and I don't find if odd at all that Clinton would say it was a "neocon hit".

Clinton showed steadfastness, strength and he wasn't going to let Wallace rail road him. Period.

The blasting that Clinton is a mad man is just another republican spin. Nothing less. Nothing more.

They have nothing else left, but to conjure up character assasinations. They have to. Or else they would have to admit that Clinton was right.

Under Clinton's administration, budget for anti-terror was increased three fold, over Bush 1's administration. Yet...they say Clinton did nothing.

They scream that Clinton didn't do anything after the WTC bombing in '93. Here's the kicker....Clinton was in office for 36 days before that happened. 36. Yet, Bush...who was in office for 8 entire months prior to 911 and republicans give him a pass because he hadn't been in office that long.

Still...those involved had been caught and punished. Where's OBL?

No matter what Bush wanted to do, republicans shot him down because they said he was just trying to take the attention off the blow job.

Republicans of the past 10 years or so are the biggest group of hypocrites I've ever had the displeasure of encountering.

I think Clinton did something Bush would never do; he put himself out there to be questioned. Bush couldn't even handle a "townhall meeting" without screening the party affiliation of those who wanted to attend and made them sign loyalty oaths.

Clinton admitted he tried, but didn't do enough. Bush will never, ever admit he made a mistake anywhere, at any time. His ego is in such a fragile state, he'd crack if he was forced to see what he has done to hurt this country.

Clinton was not going to be bullied. He proved that. And I hope that every democrat took notes and follows suit.

No more republican bullshit...they won't stand for it anymore. They learned the lesson that Kerry failed to learn.

No more rolling over and playing dead!

Clinton 1

Wallace 0

Kanrei said...

Hi Lisa.
Read my story on it and you will see I mostly agree, except Clinton forgot where he was and the clips being used are very bad. I think you will agree mostly with me on this one.

drudgeisbetter said...

This place sucks!