Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Torn Between Two Liars and Feeling Like a Tool

By Kanrei

There are all kinds of games that are played in all kinds of ways. Most games are fun and enjoyable for at least some people and some games even make the world a better place. There are other games that are more about making sure another person loses regardless of what it takes to win. This is the type of game politics is and we must play whether we want to or not.



Kanrei said...

I took it down because I do not and this post and this blog is not about that. If you want to bash a faith, start your own blog.

Anonymous said...

If politics is a game who is winning? The radical christian right that's who. Don't you even see what they have done to America? Christians win the game because they are morally bankrupt.

Kanrei said...

That is not what I wrote about. Reading the introduction is not reading the story.

Anonymous said...

Why even bring up clinton now? What we need to do is come up with fresh ideas for the future. Yes Clinton made mistakes but that was almost a decade ago. Kanrei your blog has a chance to be a launching point for new ideas. The first idea you should put forth is a way to eliminate the fundamentalist christian vote.

So you can see I was on topic all along.

Kanrei said...

Interesting. It is not the Christian part, it is the fundamentalist part that is the problem and it exists in every faith.