Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nic Cage and the Thailand Coup

By Kanrei

I must admit to not really knowing very much about that coup in Thailand. I know the military took control this week while the Prime Minister was at the United Nations. I know they have arrested and or/suspended the Parliament and are restoring the King to power.

What I do not know is if this is a good thing for the people of Thailand or a bad thing. I do know they have done a major favor for the movie going public world-wide. I guess that is something positive to concentrate on at least.


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Variant E said...

Question, which Nic Cage sequel bets fits for the Thailand coup?
a. Leaving Thailand (Leaving Las Vegas sequel)
b. Gone on 60 Minutes (Gone in 60 seconds sequel)
c. International Treasure (National Treasure sequel)