Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rex Find: Your Only Choice is Choice

My friend Rex found this article. It is something everyone should read.

Sometimes the winner is truly the loser and the loser the winner. If the winner learns nothing from his victory and doesn't grow into a better person, if he simply becomes haughty and obnoxious, then although he holds the trophy in his hands, he is actually the loser. However, if the loser accepts his loss with humbleness, overcomes feelings of anger and self-pity, and chooses to be happy with his lot, then he actually walks off with the greatest victory — an evolved self. He is the trophy.



rex said...

You know you find the most prceious secrets in the most mundane places......The smallest nuggets of wisdom are often the ones of most import....

Serena Joy said...

Simple, elegant, and profound -- perfect words of wisdom to live by.