Friday, August 11, 2006

Babbling On

Previously...Today Dana decided she is going to find out what exactly Charlie does on his “walks” and why they take so long. He was gone for three days one time and never called. After seventy two hours, he strolled into her apartment and went to sleep. To this day, she still has no idea where he went those days.


Of course, she had decided to have this talk with him many times before. She never followed through, but those were usually at her apartment and this was at her work. At her apartment, she was second for some strange reason, but here she was the star. She was loved here by all the regulars and their affection gave her strength at work she lacked at home. Today, Charlie would feel her true strength for the first time since they met there four years ago.

“Miss?” a customer was calling her. Her prep time was over. She would spend the next hour or so rehearsing her inquisition in her head. She needed it to be perfect and foolproof. She knew Charlie well enough to know he would find any way to turn it on her he could. She had to win this time or it was over. The mystery of his walks has just gotten to be too much for her.

Charlie was almost out of breath when he reached the door of Dana’s apartment. A slow panic overcame his soul as he contemplated opening the door. He feared what he may see.

“Every second you waste out here is a second she could have been alive and you missed it”

His nagging thoughts were right this time. He had to go in and face his actions or else they would never leave him alone. He really wished he knew what to expect on the other side of that door. The door never seemed quite so big before, or he so small. Was it going to be bloody? He hated blood. There was no way he would kill her in a bloody fashion. She could have only been drowned. No, can’t be drowned because she could still be alive. That rules out electrocution as well. How else would he kill someone if he had to?

“Only one way to find out Charlie”

His trembling hand reached out for the stiffened doorknob. He tried to open the door only to find it locked. He did had a key. It was on the kitchen table.

“Just isn’t your day, huh Charlie?”



Serena Joy said...

Oh, dear -- big trouble in paradise. Spooky stuff.

missouri-lisa said...

Come on...write this stuff faster, will ya?!