Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Welcome to the Home for Wayward Lemmings!

It appears I am actually getting traffic here. Welcome to the Home for Wayward Lemmings to all the new visitors. I feel I should explain a bit about myself to help you deal with the weirdness you may encounter here.

This is not one of those “let me tell you all about me” blogs. I hate online diaries and have no desire to host one. I am an aspiring writer (like 90% of other bloghosts) who writes short stories and political and pop culture essays; also the occasional poem. I am writing this one short bio-of-sorts just to get it out of the way and let you know about your host/author/commentator.

I am 35 and I live in Miami, Fl. I am single and live alone. A wonderful combination if there ever was one. I have two cats, but I am straight. I am a film fanatic and a political junkie.

I took the name "Kanrei" about ten years ago when I played a lot of role playing games. I picked it from the back of a book a friend had. I learned about two years later that it was Japanese for "Shogun's Deputy". That made me like it even more. When I became a blogger, it was a natural choice for an online name.

I have been blogging about four years, but contained myself to a single site until recently. I was more of a chorus member, posting short sentences in “debate” on a political commentary site before I decided to try and stand on my own. Why did I wait four years? It took a kick in the arse from some friends to inspire me.

I work in the field of sleep medicine. It is an amazing field actually. For example, did you know there were around 80 different sleep disorders a person can have? They also spread the gambit of psychological disorders to physical disorders, so what we do is narrow down the actual cause of the symptoms.

For the record, I am not a doctor or even a technician. I write the company news letter, and handle some HR issues. I suppose I am the assistant HR manager. I basically manage the night staff. In a nutshell, I call people who work at night early in the morning to tell them they must work that night. Irony defined. I ruin people’s sleep so they can help other people sleep. Their payback is I work seven days a week pretty much.

Politically, I am a left leaning constitutionalist. I have strong Libertarian leanings, but I hate political parties too much to join one. I believe joining a party limits your options. I am one of those people who find the Republicans selfish and the Democrats useless. I am not sure which is worse for the country.

I think that is about it. Anything else, you will just have to learn by coming back again and again. How’s that for a hook? Hope to see you again.

Welcome to the Home for Wayward Lemmings!


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to know how to be left leaning and a Libritanian at the same time.

It seems to me that Libritarian is what happens to a Conservative who finally recognizes the contraproductivity of government.

kanrei said...

I use "Libritarian" because it is closest to my belief system. I believe the government should not stand in people's way of enjoying thier life as long as their enjoyment does not harm another. That "left you do your own thing" is what makes me left leaning. I am not a lefty, I just lean that way.
Welcome to the site.

missouri-lisa said...

Hey you...I'm waiting for the next part of your story.

kanrei said...

Hi Lisa!
So am I. Waiting for inspriation. I am so flattered you are enjoying it. Don't worry, it is not as dark as it is. That makes sense in my head =D.

How are ya?

Serena Joy said...

I sort of stumbled across your blog, but I'm glad I did. I love it! Who on earth doesn't love lemmings?:)