Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Is It Just Me?

By Kanrei

I don't mean to start an article off with the headline in the first sentence, but is it just me? Have I been stuck in the same day via Bill Murry in Groundhog Day or has it been the exact same news day after day after day?

Seriously, I got to know! I am a news junkie. I started this site hoping to continue my daily rants and raves that I used to clog up another site with, but the news has just stopped! Everyday, the newscasters could just rerun the previous day's news and we would not miss anything.

Today, Israel and Lebanon continued to fight as Iraq descends closer to a full scale civil war. Iran threatens to make nukes. Lindsay Lohan is partying. Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson has said something stupid, and no one has seen Tom Cruise's baby.

I really hope and pray that our esteemed supposed liberal media is preparing an election season assault and are resting up for the action. It appears to me that, much like the last few years, they are still on vacation. Well, not all of them. Some have retired or been driven out.

The merits of Rathergate mean nothing to me right now because he is only one that has retired. I never watched him nor really cared about the whole thing. My beliefs on the merits of the memo are for another post another day.

Tom Brokaw, the one I have watched my whole life, retired as well. Brian Williams is good, and may become great, but right now he is not Brokaw status yet. He is not even Koppel yet. Katie Curic? Give me a break! The last thing we need right now is the "Perky News". I really don't want to hear about Iraq or Israel and see a smile on the anchor's face.
And President Bush today has ordered one hundred thousand of our wonderful soldiers to go and visit Iraq. Israel sent a few "Hello"s into Lebanon after receiving a few hundred gifts this morning. And isn't it a beautiful day outside?

I would rather a cable news station take full advantage of being on cable and have, just once: The World is F*cked Report with Chris Rock. If I am going to be told the world is ending, I want it to be angry and funny, not perky.

Now then, "I don't want to get off on a rant" but I also saw today that Fox News is bringing on Dennis Miller. I used to really like Dennis Miller. I used to think he was brilliant. Then I learned something: he is brilliant, but he has no convictions. He did a left leaning act during the start of his career simply because Bubba was popular and Republicans were not. Once the wind changed directions, so did he. What really gets me is that his material started to attack those very people who made him popular in the first place: all his liberal fans from the 90's. He changed his strips faster than a gay sergeant when Bush was sworn in. Weak Millerism, I know. He is blessed with lexicon and the gift of juxtaposition. I just wish he also had the gift of integrity.


Serena Joy said...

Hmmm. You have to wonder if No News is better than Perky News. There's this one commentator on Court TV who simply drives me up the wall. She'll sit there and report on some guy who took a hatchet to his neighbors and chopped them up into chum -- with the biggest, brightest smile on her face. It's so inappropriate!

You're right, though, about there being no new news -- and Miller being a disappointment. During the next ratings sweep, maybe one of the networks will team up Hilton and Lohan on the news desk. It'll appeal to a certain demographic -- and it won't even matter that there's no news.

Walt said...


Anything with Paris Hilton is a good thing. I would watch Curling for chrissakes if she was playing


missouri-lisa said...

"Anything with Paris Hilton is a good thing"

Get some sleep, Walt!!


Chester said...

"you drive pretty well for a quadraped"

just like my buddy "toonces"