Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Lemming Slice of Heaven

Tricky spot right now and I hope it goes smoothly. First off, thank you RCADE for adding a link to me on your site. It does mean a lot to me that you would do that. Secondly, to any Drudgies who find themselves here I want to say Hello and welcome. I know some of us have had of fights in the past, but the past is only a factor if we let it be. I hope to start anew.

While I am an active member of PWZ, this site is not affiliated with them. This is my private page. My Lemming Slice of Heaven if you will. Any fights you have with them or they with you have nothing to do with this site and I hope it stays that way. I have friends on both sides of it and wish to keep them. I hope you enjoy your stay here and like what you see.

Please feel free to comment on anything you see, I want feedback and debate, I just ask for politeness here. The House for Wayward Lemmings is not the battlefield PWZ or Drudge are and I do not wish it to be.

Thank you for stopping by,

Sponsored in part by the Kanrei Patent Pending Tin Foil Cap with optional drink holders in blue or red.
Why be paranoid AND thirsty?


Serena Joy said...

I am jealous. Your peoples' tinfoil caps are ever so much more stylish than my peoples'. I guess they didn't get those at the Dollar Store, huh?:)

Sounds like you've been involved in some cyber conflict. I'm sorry to hear that. Been there, done that; it's not fun. Here's to smoother sailing from here on.

kanrei said...

Hi Serena,
I put myself in the middle of an existing war. It appears to people I choose sides, but I have tried not to. Never easy when friends fight. For a bit, I got caught up in it as well, but I am better now.
Believe it or not, you have helped. An person and voice from outside the struggle was so refreshing.
You, Lisa, Gal, and my Mom are my loyal lemmings and I am so thankful for you all. You reminded me who I was.

Serena Joy said...

I'm honored to be an honorary lemming and always happy to help out when I can. And I swear I'll never make fun of lemmings again.:)

Hey, wars happen and sometimes you get sucked into them against your will. Any time you can get away from it all and disassociate yourself from it, this is a good thing.

Gal said...

I thought the war was over? Is there a battle going on somewhere I don't know about, or do you suspect this is just a temporary, soon to be violated, ceasefire?

kanrei said...

It is Gal. Rcade just gave me a link on Drudge, so I wanted to welcome any Drudgies who might come and let them know that they are welcome here.

missouri-lisa said...

Well, I for one, have not yet received my Welcome Wagon gifts.

And I'm still waiting! : )

kanrei said...

That is because this is home for you, my lemming =P

missouri-lisa said...

Well...isn't it an anniversary of some sort???

Damn it...I want a present!!!