Saturday, August 26, 2006

Secrets of Life: Darkside of the Moon Part II

By Kanrei

Continuing with Dark Side of the Moon, the next section of songs should be looked at as a block rather than individual songs. They are Time, The Great Gig in the Sky, Money, Us and Them. These songs are the great destroyers of life. They are the things that can drive you mad. It is not the amount of each you have, but how obsessed you are with each and how much control you give to each.



Sar Kastic said...

Cool, New Rock!

Serena Joy said...

WAY cool! You've done a beautiful job with this.

Kanrei said...

Thanks Serena,
Years of time invested in this project. I was going to write a book, but this will be more fun.

The Phantom said...

Kan... That post blew me away! I wasn't quite ready for something that deep but I found that I couldn't stop reading it. I've listened to that album hundreds of times and now for the first time it's all so clear now.Thank You. I'll never hear Dark Side of the Moon again the same way!

The Phantom

PS. I really think your writing is spectacular

Kanrei said...

WOW! Thanks Phan.