Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kanrei's Notes to the "Babbling Saga"

Spoilers Ahead

Charlie is haunted by his thoughts and has been since college. They act independent of his conscious mind and are always commenting on his life except when he is around his one true love Michelle, who is also the cause of the voices.

Charlie married Michelle out of college and they were happy together until Charlie lost his job through some major mess up that left him broke. He met a waitress named Dana around that time and began an affair with her.

One week ago Charlie left his house and Michelle is scared either of him or for him. He has been “living” with Dana for three months, but only one or two days a week. Dana is becoming aware she is the other woman.

Michelle has sent Kevin, their college friend, to find Charlie before he does something stupid.

Charlie is wandering around the city trying to figure out the stupid thing he did and believes it is his killing his wife. The only thing he knows for certain is that his he cannot trust his thoughts or his memory.

Dana is waiting for Charlie at the diner to confront him once and for all about his “walks” that she now believes is his going home to his wife.

What we, reader know so far is that Charlie IS married to Michelle and is dating Dana. He was using his job as a fireman as cover to both ladies as to why he was gone for nights on end sometimes. What we do not know is if he has killed Michelle. WE do know Dana is very much alive.

I think that is about it =D

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