Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Friday...Sigh

Another Friday, another day of Hell at work. TGIF is a cliche' that no longer applies. I don't think it ever really did in my life to be honest. I used to work in food service where Friday was the start of my week and the busiest day of the week. I worked on a $37,000 night one night. Seriously! Selling five dollar pizzas we took in 37 thousand in one night.

It was in Gainesville, Fl and was the night before the FSU/UF game. The pizza shop was located downtown, sandwiched between about 100 bars and we were open 24 hours. Come last call at the bar all hell broke loose. We kept a bottle of Capt Morgan's under the makeline just to keep from killing each other. Soldiers in combat have not had to deal with the stress of 100's of drunk college kids demanding the world serve them first.

Well, that was then and this is now. Friday means I must schedule for three days in one day since the main office is closed on weekends, but the lab is not. No one wants to work on Saturdays, which means that I must offer overtime to those willing to work. Overtime makes my boss very unhappy, but so does cancelling a patient. I am cursed regardless of the path I take, so it is always better to pay the overtime, treat a patient, and get yelled at on Monday for that instead of being yelled at for cancelling a patient.

Ironcially, I love Mondays. GO figure.

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