Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poem: Fractal Crackles of Starless Night

Bored babble ramble
Stoned and High
On fumes of herbal decree
I see
The light at the end
My friend, it is all illusion
The confusion, the spectacle
A reflective table
In the corner for the coroner
Funeral procession traffic stopping side show parade
Things will fade
Over time, sublime feelings collide with wondrous glee.
I see the river fade into the sea
Memory can falter but history will remain
In the window pane fractured
Fractal crackles of starless night
The plight of the bumble bee
Seems so redundant to me
In the hindsight of perfect vision
I wish that it would all just stop


IL said...

Super design! Is this from the Blogger beta? Wish I could have used it. Amazingly, tech support has not contacted me, since my lockout. My protestations fall on deaf ears.

kanrei said...

I found it on some website. It is not a blogger one.