Monday, February 26, 2007

Yet Another Oscar Rant by a Know-It-All Blogger

I am not at all satisfied with my Oscar picks score. Fifty percent just does not cut it in my reality unless it is on a test from school. I got only one of the big four correct in my guesses, which is horrible for me. I mean I even said Forrest Whitaker should win, but wouldn’t so that the Academy could correct its repeated Peter O’Toole failings. How was I supposed to know they were going to actually get it right this year? What are the odds of that happening after 78 years of not?

I could have gotten over fifty percent if I had said that Gore would win the documentary category, but I just assumed it was a gimme and not worth mentioning. Now I realize it would have given me five out of nine guesses right. Plus, considering why I picked “Happy Feet” to beat “Cars” should have forced me to say Gore would win. Gar and Bah: I would say “Humbug” but tis not the season. Next year I pick every category and increase my odds. Even the gimmes.

As long as I am ranting right now, I should speak about best picture. I love Martin Scorsese and think he is a cinematic genius. I think he does with film what Michelangelo did with ceilings, but The Departed was far from his best work. It would be the best film by most other directors, but for Scorsese it appeared thrown together and weak.

One thing I have always loved about a Scorsese is that there are no wasted moments and he does not leave loose ends in his movies; The Departed had far too many of each. There may be spoilers ahead, so I will not blame you if you stop reading now. If you have seen the movie, please read on. I may be missing the loose ends answered.

1. What was in the envelope Bill gave Madolyn?
2. Was the child Bill’s or Colin’s?
3. Does Dignam work for anyone or was his last act done on his own?
4. What happened to the microchips?
5. If Costello was opposed to drug sales, why was he doing a drug deal at the end?
6. What was the point of the deleting the file since it never came into play?
7. Why was the FBI helping get Costello if he worked for them?

I am sure at least some of those did get answered and I missed it, but I doubt they all were. I watched it once on Saturday and again on Sunday. The plot would make a great series, but there was simply too much story for a single movie. I really cannot say why it got “Best Picture.” It was far from a Scorsese film and an insult to his legacy to have this film do what Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, and Last Temptation did not.


Serena Joy said...

At least you got 50% right. I got perhaps 2% -- mainly because I didn't even know who was in the running for the most part. I'm afraid I've lost all interest in that scene. I was glad to see Forest Whittaker win. I think he's a terrific actor.

I also haven't seen "The Departed" so I'll be unable to tie up any of those loose ends for you.

Kanrei said...

See it SJ. It is an acting tour de force. It is a great movie. I mean I watched twice in 24 hours.

Kanrei said...

Also, I am really happy he won too.

Serena Joy said...

Okay. Upon your recommendation, I'll see it.

Variant E said...

Good questions on the Departed Kan. I had to watch the damn movie twice to just to have it synch in. I thought it was better than his Aviator though; I wasn't into that one much. But he had far better work years earlier. Still, you have to take these things on a year by year basis. I mean, what film was better for the award? All it had to do was beat the movies for that year. Which is why it is a shame about Peter O'Toole going up for best actor in Lawrence of Arabia the same year Gregory Peck did for To Kill a Mockingbird. Either way you lose. I think they made the right choice that year but you fast forward to years later and you suddenly thinks its ridiculous that he hasn't won; but if you go back case by case...he just got nominated in tough years...

Kanrei said...

I did not see any of the movies nominated this year until this last weekend and that was only the Departed. Best picture I would have said Iwo Jima simply because of what it was- a movie about war from our enemy's point of view. Clint made a modern Tora Tora Tora and it is rare for anyone to try to think of how their enemy feels. I would have given him best picture just for that.