Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Post Script Post

I am in the mood to babble tonight, sorry. I have settled on a direction for my blog finally. It only took me seven months and almost 300 posts to do it. Hang on, I wonder how many posts I have done...WOW! This one will make 308. So it took me seven months and 308 posts to decide on a direction. I wonder how many posts per month that is? Hang on...never mind. Started off with a tangent that time. Threw you off I bet. Probably not still reading I bet.

If I blog and no one reads it, are there words? Oh yea, the point. I have decided to document my decline from sanity. Inspired by the Shooting Sizemore show on VH-1. Inspired by that soda wars post. Both Shooting Sizemore and the soda wars post inspired me. Well, one inspired me and the other was my first step. Not sure which came first though. One is the chicken and one is the egg. Which would be the chicken? Tom would be pissed if I called him a chicken, but how would he take the egg handle?

Focus! I am going to show the world I see for better or for worse. I am going to lose most of you, but those brave enough to venture into the deepest confines of my mind will only be more damaged for the experience. Damaged is the wrong word; strong.

I can't lie to you: damaged was the right word. It is a screwed up place between my ears and just below my bald spot. Right now a small Lego army is mounting a siege on my cerebral cortex because they are convinced there is Jell-o inside. Won't they be shocked when they find out I ate the Jell-o years ago and replaced it with salt water taffy. Everyone knows Lego soldiers can't eat salt water taffy in February.

I have opened the door. Did you enter? Are you still with me? You are insane if any of that made sense and I suggest skipping therapy and going right to shock treatment. Please do it for the children.


littlebirdblue said...

How many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse?

Serena Joy said...

If you turn out to be more insane than I am, I'll be surprised. I suppose we could throw a contest. First prize, Littlebird's pancake-shingled doghouse. I think it must take about 30 for a Chihuahua, 40,000 for a St. Bernard.

Kanrei said...


There are two who will come in and enjoy the view. So happy I cannot scare you off.

Dogs don't use pancakes anymore. Get with the times; its all waffles now.

Serena Joy said...

Is there syrup on them there waffles? Wouldn't that make for some sticky dogs?

Southern Writer said...

Since I'm just getting started with your blog, it seems a good place to begin. Welcome to the Cuckoo's Nest.