Wednesday, February 14, 2007

People on Ludes Should Not Blog

I made a minor tweak to my page. Nothing Earth shattering or anything too severe or anything,I just got rid of the "Click Here to Read More" part of the code. Now full stories will appear on the front page without you having to click for more.

Why make the change? Paranoia to be perfectly frank. I started wondering if people thought I only made one paragraph posts and I was wasting time with the extra verbiage.

I like the word "Verbiage" and it seems most apropos to how I write. I mean why say it once or in a few words if you can say it over and over again in many different ways? Why not be redundant? Repetitive? Say the same thing over and over? Go back over covered ground? Circular? Did I use "redundant" yet? Damn, I did.

Anyway, I started the click here to read more thing because I was afraid of my page being too long and people skipping it due to length, but now I fear my page is not being read because the posts are mostly hidden.

I am starting to think I will not have to document my declining sanity for very long- it appears I am already well past insane. I can't remember the rules for when to start a new paragraph either. I remembered it when I did not blog, but now that I am concerned about my grammar (there is a word cop out there ya know) I find myself second and third guessing myself. I think I see a trip to school in my very near future. Possibly a summer writing course or something.

My finger has two little burns on the tip that look exactly like a pair of eyes. My finger has been staring at me all day. I hate when things stare. I never keep a potato in my home because they got eyes everywhere. There is no escaping the ever present gaze of the spud. The vegetable sponsored by Big Brother and the Department of Homeland Security. I know, that was redundant again.

I will try to be more serious and stick to a topic tomorrow. I mean I will try to actually have a topic tomorrow instead or rambling babble, but it was fun to type. I wonder how many more Lemmings just threw themselves off the cliff.


Serena Joy said...

Why are there burns on your finger?! Why are they staring at you? Have you checked beneath the nail for a transmitter? Why do your potatoes stare at you? Mine won't even look at me. They scream when I nuke/slice/peel/bake/fry/mash them, though. Sissies.

Is there a "Seriousness" law? Because, seriously, if there is I'd like you to give me the statute number so I can start spreading sedition in the streets about it. I'm serious. Such a law must be seriously overturned.

I like the change. It makes things more concise, readily viewable at a glance.

Please do not make fun of redundant. I am a redundant. I have rights.

I think your new "angle" is going to be great fun.

Scary Monster said...

After one day of wrestling with a toster, power outages, and smokeless cigarettes then another of dueling with redundancy, grammar and sanity. Me can only say; hang in there friend, Friday's coming.

Kanrei said...

I would never mock the redundant Serena, never fear. I am one of the most repetitive people I know. I would never mock the redundant. Out of everyone I know, I am the most repetitive person.

I burned my finger in the toaster. A cruel trick pulled by a cat and bagel.

I think your potatoes need glasses.

Friday is the worst day for me. I fear Friday.

Serena Joy said...

You know, the title of this post escaped me the first time around. You got Ludes? That must be some bad-ass finger burn. Maybe put a sign on the toaster warning the cat away.

I appreciate that I don't have to repeat myself on the redundancy issue. Repetitive stuff just pisses me off. Repeatedly. It becomes redundant. I can repetitively harass other redundants as long as they don't repeat after me.

Where would one acquire tiny little potato glasses? I do hate to see vision problems in potatoes. I want them to see me coming with the knife and the hot oil.

Kanrei said...

No ludes, just a Jeff Spicoli moment.

littlebirdblue said...

I wonder how many more Lemmings just threw themselves off the cliff.

Almost as many as it takes to shingle a doghouse.

Kanrei said...

Lemmings don't shingle. They subcontract.

Variant E said...

You mean you want me to read them? I've been waiting for the movie first. I'm a visual person.

Scary Monster said...

Well if you fear Fridays you can always slap yourself in the head with a sneaker.

RexZeitgiest said...

I always knew you were secretly for a draconian goverment that controls every aspect of reality....

YOU SIR, are exposed!

Now what were we talking about again?