Thursday, February 22, 2007

Saving the Lost- 3 From the Past

These are not new. These are from another page I had up, but stopped using once blogger gave me the labels. Now I am moving them to this page so that they will not be lost again. I hope you enjoy them.

The Failure of Success
Awkward moments combine to form life
Each a second we would rather re-do
But each moment of shame that comes to us each day
Are the essential parts of making someone into you
Success does not teach rather
Shallow, it only wants to show
That we could do what we thought we could
And leaves us without desire to grow
Self-serving fallacy of perfection
Leaves us squinting in the reflective successful glare
No advancement, no pass go, no experience gained
Blinded by the length of our stare
But failure is faithful and patient
With lessons only it can teach
To force you beyond what you know you can do
And grasp those stars you can’t reach
Failure and success, pro and con
One is for you and one serves its own need
Failure will make you better each day
And Success fears the day you succeed

Plaid Hallucinations
Wondrous tension of tide turning tunes
I puck the strings in harmony
Music of deepest darkest desire
Sing in a falsetto key
Plaid hallucinations frolic in fields of green
Splinters shaft and scream through the night
Sitting on ledge on first floor porch stairs
I have no fear at all at this height
Surrounding the scene in a wondrous dream
Watching blades of grass dance in the breeze
Thoughts calm and pure and although I’m not sure
I am peaceful, content and at ease

Playing with Alliteration
Randomizing words formulates complex thoughts above my ability to comprehend
Confusion is a curse compounded by the ever present tones of a reality out of hand
I ponder while perched upon a Pyrex structure about something I have never seen before
While I encase my environment in an envelope of shadow and place it in the basket by the door
Marvelous miracles make magic melodies while marionettes make up the audience for me
And I fall flat on my face while I fain ever present folly to control the fading fantasy
The show starts at noon and the gloom room balloons to a size beyond rational thought
The mirror turns shapes and shades of silhouettes into something I was but am not
No purpose to ponder in these prose of properly randomized words combined to form thoughts complex
And I cannot imagine or imagine I could imagine what babble I will come up with next


Scary Monster said...

Me believes a slam is definitely in order. If that is old stuff than anything you come up withn now will be truly inspirational.

Me no blowing smoke!

Kanrei said...

Thank you very much for that. I am always very nervous about poetry. I think it opens too much of who we keep hidden maybe.

I need a few more weeks before I can do the Slam. I have been watching too much of the White Rapper Show on VH-1 and I find myself writing raps now instead of poems. I am not a rapper and I hate rap, but the challenges on that show are interesting from a poets perspective. Can you, in 15 minutes write 16 bars about topic "A"? Once it is over I should return to my poetic side. I have deleted every rap thus far because I HATE RAP.

Variant E said...

Well done Kanrei. You're right, poetry is very personal. As such, you shouldn't give a rip if somebody doesn't like it; all you should care about is if somebody did; even if it is only yourself. It is only the measure of inspiring somebody that counts.

Serena Joy said...

VERY nice! With so many talented lemmings in the house, we really do have to get that Slam up and running soon.

RexZeitgiest said...

Nice rap Kan! Here is one for you....

"There once was a brother his name was Kan,
He went to work without putting his damn pants on,
He got on the computer and pressed some keys,
Finally he looked down and saw his bare darn knees,
He said 'Hey mom, I forgot my pants'...
And she replied, 'Oy Vey Brad, What will you wear to tonights big dance?'"

Kanrei said...

I only went to work naked one time. My G-d, you do something once and people never let you forget. The school dropped the charges so please let it go. =P

littlebirdblue said...

you guys all need to go check out the "Scrotum Poetry Contest".

It's a protest on behalf of the banned Newberry Award-winning book which used the word scrotum on the first page (I'm sure you free-speech newshounds know all about this).