Monday, February 26, 2007

Winter's Warm Embrace

Formulated and combined yet lacking a means of escape
I find myself with so much to say yet devoid of a way to say it
Or an audience to hear it
Or a listener to feel it
Or the soul to express it.
Blankness as far as my eyes can see
A snow filled barren horizon of lost promises and empty voices
Words without feeling only reflect the emptiness where I once kept me
“I’m here” I hear you shout in answer to my lonely cries
“I hear you, feel you express you!” but I have heard that echo before
Hollow yet hopeful words never replace the embrace of the meanest ones
It all crashes and crumbles before it was ever built sometimes
Sometimes its fall is its greatest feature and secures its immortality
Ten different eyes tell five different tales of one single event
The blankness has filled over time and changed before my eyes
Sometimes it really is what you make it to be and not a thing more


littlebirdblue said...

I really think you should be submitting your stuff to publishing markets, Kanrei. Do you?

Kanrei said...

Never have before. I never think its any good. I almost took this one down, but decided to wait until tomorrow to see how I felt. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Is there really a market for a living poet outside of Hallmark?

Kanrei said...

If I tell you what this one was about I won't seem deep any more =D

Hint:Writer's _______

Hint 2: _________ block


Serena Joy said...

I like that, Kan. Listen to LB -- start submitting. There are so many magazines (among other markets) always looking for poetry. Don't just let it sit in a drawer or on your hard drive. Give it a shot!

Scary Monster said...

Kanrei, me no be able to give advice about trying to publish stuffs. Me verse be lying in an old binder and me not even have courage to put anything into me computer. You on the other hand have words that people want to hear. And me ain't just be talkings about prose here.
Give it a shot! Besides chicks dig the literary air about a man. If ya want me can forward some of the pictures of the "vixens"...

littlebirdblue said...

Try the SFPA as a springboard for poetry markets. Most don't pay (but I've never cared about that).

There's a link to the SFPA on my blog, but you can find it here:

Of course, it's speculative poetry, which might not be your deal, but the links section

has dozens of poetry 'zines and mags, all with different styles and guidelines. Surf around a bit; see what kind of stuff is published on different sites. It's not easy, but it's a whole new level of cool when people relate to your work publicly like that and put it out there.

Variant E said...

Here's my winter poem Kan:

Don't you know
All the snowflakes go
to Buffalo!
Ho ho ho