Sunday, February 11, 2007

Not Only Me Sick

I had a virus infested house this weekend. Not only was I sick, but my computer came down with a nasty Trojan as well. Something called "Gromozon" and oh my G-d is it a mutha-fuka! It gets past your virus detector AND your spyware blocker somehow and writes itself into everything and I do mean everything. I had to go into safe mode just to track the bugger down. It comes from a website pretending to be something else and once it gets into your system it creates its own Windows ID on your computer and goes from there. It connects to the internet and does whatever it is it does.

I learned today that while it is easy to spot (adware missed it, but CounterSpy got it), it is impossible to remove once there. I reformatted my hard drive today and am still reinstalling things. I cannot even say for certain if I got the little bugger. I may be doing all this for nothing. We will know once my spyware detector is installed again.

Fingers crossed.


Serena Joy said...

Oh, my God, that sounds like a bad one. My anti-virus has alerted me to "Trojan blocked & removed" a couple of times over the past few days but I can't remember the names of them. If that one is immune to anti-virus, it probably wasn't that one.

Makes you wonder what kind of sickos sit around and think these things up, doesn't it? I truly sympathize with your having to reinstall everything. What a pain.

Variant E said...

What if we find out one day that it is actually the anti-virus folks themselves that are creating these awful things so they can continue to charge us for upgrades to their software? Yeah...I'm in a conspiracy theory mood tonight.

Anonymous said...
Symantec has this link to a tool that removes the bugger. It must be run in safe mode, and will reboot the PC when done.

ILoz Zoc

Scary Monster said...

What a pain in the ass. Having to go through all that stuff, geez. Me just might back up all me files just in case.
P.S. Thanks for the fantastic comment!!!

Kanrei said...

Thanks Iloz,
I did that. I saw it in a forum, but Counterspy still found it after. I am still not sure I got rid of it. I think I am going to just buy a new hard drive. They are cheap.

Scary Monster said...

Kanrei man you are on a roll. You are hitting every point Me didn't mention. Thanks!
BTW Do you know the virus entered your machine? Me wants to stay alert to anything that might come me way.