Monday, February 19, 2007

Crosstown Traffic- So Hard to Get a Message Through

Pembroke Pines, Florida. It is the home of the most dangerous intersection in America (Flamingo and Pines Boulevard) as well as a giant old age home named Cemetery Village…I mean Century Village. The old age home is located on Pines just a little west of Flamingo. Do you think the two have anything to do with one another?

I have been a bad Blog buddy today and I want to say sorry to all my usual stops. I was sent to Pembroke Pines today around the same time a truck was in the mood to collide with a car and it became all I did today at work. Hello traffic my old friend. Yes, my day today was gas, brake, honk; gas, brake, honk; gas, gas, brake; honk, honk, curse! Thank G-d my Sirius is working once again and thank G-d they added that new station…I have yet to rave about the new station!

Sirius added a grunge station to their lineup and it has made my drives that much more pleasurable. I am hearing songs I have not heard since college and the memories are just overtaking my mind as I drive. Not exactly a great thing to have happen while driving in Miami and heading towards Pines and Flamingo, but I survived. I am typing this to prove my continued existence although I could be someone else pretending to be me. Hang on while I look in the mirror….Yea, it’s me.

How do you know I actually got up and checked? Damn you are a tough crowd! OK, you got me. I am really Darb from another dimension. The only way to send me back to where I came from is to trick me into saying my name backwards and good luck to that. I never have and never will say “Brad” in my life.

NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What a world what world!


littlebirdblue said...

Ellimac here. Welcome, Darb.

Kanrei said...

I won't say your name backwards. Don't wanna lose you =p

Serena Joy said...

Aneres Yoj (or would it be Yoj Aneres?) checking in.

Grunge station? With like lots of old Pearl Jam and Nirvana? I want that!

Glad you survived the drive; sounds like a tough one.

Kanrei said...

Exactly with lots of those bands and many many more. Get it now!