Friday, February 16, 2007

One Friday Over the Line Sweet Jesus, One Friday Over the Line

I finally made it to Friday and I have no further injuries or disease to report! I beat the week from Hell and am still alive so HA on you bad luck cycle! You tried, I give you credit for that. If I had not noticed that my tire was low on air this morning you would have gotten me good, but I am on guard now. A burn to the finger does wonders for your attention span.

I don’t know what happened yesterday, but I am actually relieved there were problems with the commenting on Blogger to be honest. I was feeling a tad unloved. I assumed my opinion on giving credit to illegals would have gotten Rex to comment and was so sad to see nothing. Serena usually avoids the political as does LittleBird so I was not that shocked to see nothing from them, but Rex I know had an opinion and I know it was the exact opposite of mine.

Rex is an amazing creature to me and he intrigues me daily to be frank. I have never met anyone so opposite politically from me and this is not a “Left versus Right” issue either because neither one of us are pure either side. It just is hilarious to me that every time I find myself on the Right side of an issue there is Rex on the Left and it is not him being purposely opposite of me either. He really is just my political reflection and it is great to see how I would be if I made the opposite choices in my life. Not better or worse, just very different yet still the same in many ways. One day he will write his life’s story and we will all be intrigued because there is a “Zorba the Greek” tale there I know it.

The story on the credit card thing is on Blogcritics right now if you cannot comment here and want to please go there. As usual, they are not agreeing with me there. I must be wrong far more often than I allow myself to admit. Can that be or am I just wrong? Damnit…I am doomed to be wrong either way that means. Curses…foiled again!


Serena Joy said...

I'm going to try commenting, see if it "takes." I haven't noticed any other eaten comments today.

I don't know what I think about the illegals with credit cards debate. People sure got their dander up, didn't they?

What I DO know is that I'm glad you made it to Friday alive and well. That's always a plus.:)

Scary Monster said...

Me liked the way you handled yourself at BC. Although me sees your point about giving illegal immigrants access to credit. Me doesn't understand why they would want something that would lead to their discovery in the first place. Me has talked to many illegals (not in America)and they tend to stayt away from the mainstream. Then again me didn't speak to folks with family, but rather unmarried men and women who were fairly nomadic and travelled to whereever they could get work.

Appy-polly-logies. Me should have written this on the origional post intead of being a wise ass.

P.S. when and where for the slam. Me is in a stomping good mood.

Kanrei said...

I think most of them want to be citizens and want to do as much as they can to fit in. By not allowing this we are guaranteeing that they will break the law to get one. It is like drugs in many ways- once a person breaks the law and gets to know a criminal element the easier it is for them to break other laws. Each law broken makes it easier to break the next one. Why force people to become even more criminal than they already are?

Scary Monster said...

Me is not so certain that they are all interested in becoming citizens. Me sees it more as an economic choice rather than a political one.

Me can't clearly understand how you equivicate drug use with the problem of illegal immigrants recieving a privilage that they haven't yet earned. Me understands that it seems like a catch 22 situation, but in all fairness it isn't.
They put themselves in the position of breaking more laws by initially breaking the law and entering the country in the first place. That said, we aren't forcing anyone to break laws. The laws of a land are placed there and one does not have to abide by them, but if you don't you will eventually have to face the penalties imposed on you by the powers in charge.
If you aren't willing to face those penalties than maybe a different course of action should be considered. Me don'T have any satisfactory answer, but it seems impertinent to allow lawbreakers the same rights as law abiding citizens. That goes not only for illegals, but all Americans

Kanrei said...

It all depends on where one believes our rights come from. There are many who believe our rights are given by a government and that people from one country do not have the same rights as those in another. I do not believe that way. I see it as we all have the exact same rights, only not all governments recognize them.

I am not more free than someone in the Middle East because I am an American and they are not. I am more free because my government recognizes the rights I have and the Middle East governments do not.

If only Americans had credit cards or only America accepted them there would be some valid arguments to not allowing it, but that is not the case. A credit card is international. It is becoming more and more of a necessity rather than a right. Try doing anything without having credit today.

The drug thing only comes into play when we consider the element we are forcing people to goto. A person looking to smoke some pot is not a criminal per say, but they must goto criminals to get their pot. Once introduced to the criminal element there is a greater chance for them to break other laws.

My main reason for supporting this is that I see it as a way to force them into the system.

SM said...

Well said and point taken. me be glad that you added your opinion about Rights, there were a comment at BC that stated that the govt. afforded us our rights and Me felt that idea to be just shy of insipid. I agree with yoabout everymonster being born under the same sun. It's only the system of govt. in place that either recognizes ones rights or restricts them.


RexZeitgiest said...

Hahahaha......We always do seem to be opposite of each other on everything...Its actually quite strange.....I find that I can agree with some issues of the most rabid leftist or righty, but somehow we always see it differently..

Just shows ta go ya, that there are two sides of every issue and multiple ways to view things...

littlebirdblue said...
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Southern Writer said...

I'm a fence sitter on this one.

Kanrei said...

Of course you have weird political beliefs- you are a lemming. I know this because you are here. Just jump on in one day. Rex talks tough, but is a nice guy.

Better a fence sitter than a fence jumper on this one I suppose...

littlebirdblue said...

Sorry, Kanrei--

I've already experienced backlash from my comment, as I told you I would. It makes me very sad.

Hope you don't mind I deleted it. It's not a reflection on you.

here's a truncated version:

Firstly, I'm all excited to see Scary M using Clockwork Orange Linguistics. That's hot.


You've totally busted me. I thought I was sliding under the wire on the political post commentary avoidance. You do know I read them, though, right?

I applaud your willingness to put yourself out there and open yourself up to criticism and debate. I've more than once admired the spirit of comraderly debate between you and rexzeitgiest. It's very gentlemanly and old-fashioned, in the best possible way... Very civilized.

Unfortunately, I'm not at a place in my life where I feel like being reviled for my political beliefs. Been there one too many times.

In person, it'd be different, but in person, we would never have met.

Kanrei said...

Who is attacking the LittleBird? Not here I hope. Just point them out and I will take them out back for you. This is a free zone.