Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Matt and Rudy: Trouble?

At Matt Drudge's site I saw something rather funny. Well, at least to me. A really low blow for politics yet a funny slam. What do you think?

How is that for a tease to click to read more?

I saw this picture at Drudge's site-

Next to it I saw this picture-

Something Matt wants to tell the group about how he really feels about Rudy?


Serena Joy said...

It's funny but ... holy crap. I think the political scene is in for a long nasty stretch.

Kanrei said...

We are in the off-season right now. Rudy is not even officially running yet. This is even before the rookie draft. This is out of the blue.

Serena Joy said...

True. If it's starting out like this, it's just going to get worse as candidates declare and political races do get underway.

Roxan said...

Looks like the political kiss of death. Maybe.