Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Welcome to Reality Fellow June Gemini

There must be something to June births or maybe its just June births with the number seven, but it seems we like to be C-sectioned instead of coming out the traditional way. It also seems we like to wrap the umbilical chords around our necks to ensure said birthing method. We June babies can be quite lazy refusing even to be born if there is an easier option you might say.

“OK Kanrei, you got me curious. What exactly are you babbling about THIS time?”

Babs gave birth today....Babs delivered her baby today! Little Casey is officially “Little Casey” now! The poor thing had to have a C-section this morning at 4:20 (woo-hoo 420!) and she was still out of it when I spoke to her around 4 this afternoon (woo-hoo, almost 420).

It was so cute; she just gave birth yet spent most of the conversation with me bragging about this new printer/fax/copier she bought two days ago. She told me how she hooked it up and everything it could do and how she was eager to do some work from home to test it out and on and on. I asked how the baby looked and she worked her printer into it by saying she was going to send me photos on her new printer when she got home. I finally had to interrupt her and say “Babs, you just had a baby and all you can tell me about is your printer” and she responded with “it's a really cool printer.” It was really cute.

I have known Babs for almost 20 years and I have never heard her that out of it and happy at the same time. I have seen her happy and out of it of course, but never at the same time until now. She had this sound in her voice of total and complete bliss. It could have been the drugs from the operation of course.

If there is ever a moment when a person has it all it has to be just after birth (EW after-birth). I am so proud of her. I feel like I just became an uncle.


littlebirdblue said...

Welcome, Casey.

Variant E said...

Welcome Casey. Start saving now; there will not be any social security dude!