Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is The End/ Carcinogenic Friend, The End

It begins tomorrow. It was supposed to begin this morning, but I chickened out at the last minute. I have the pills. I filled my prescription yesterday at lunch. Life changing events tend to be rather scary sometimes and easy to put off.

They claim it will only take seven days to quit smoking once I start taking them, although I will have to remain on the pill for up to twelve weeks to guarantee no more smoking. I think that is what is scaring me the most to be perfectly frank- quitting in seven days. In one week a friend of sixteen years will be out of my life forever. Yes, a friend that has been slowly killing me, but a friend just the same.

This friend has been there to give me breaks when the work day gets to stressful or boring. This friend has been there every morning with me and said goodnight to me every evening. This friend has comforted me when I was down and helped me celebrate when I was up. I am going to miss this friend more than I realized when I agreed to end our relationship.

Funny how the right thing to do never feels right, isn’t it? I mean we all know veggies are better for us than chocolate, but which would we honestly rather eat? We know stories about certain celebrities will only cause us to become just a tad bit dumber, but we still read them. I knew smoking was bad for me long before I took my first drag, but I still did and I am a fairly smart guy. The stupid path is just so much easier to take most of the time.

Well, procrastination must end at some point in time and I suppose there is no time like the present; or rather the soon to be present. I am still at work and do not have the pills with me here, but I suppose I should start right after dinner tonight. The pills say to only take them on a full stomach. Wish me luck.


Serena Joy said...

And another one bites the dust...

You're the second of my friends to give ciggies the old heave-ho in the past month or so. I wish you good luck with it! We all know smoking is bad, though I'm still rationalizing why I do it. Maybe when I'm the only one left on the smoking block, I'll ... try. That's about all I can promise. YOU can do it, though.

Kanrei said...

Good things come in three's. This is a sign. Besides, I don't want to suffer alone.

littlebirdblue said...

It's worth it, Kan. You don't need the luck, because you can totally do this, but I'll say it anyway; best of luck!