Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Friday To You

“I’m thirsty,” said Tom.

“Hi Thirsty,” answered Peter, “I’m Friday. Why not come over Saturday and we’ll have a Sunday.”

A bad joke involving days of the week? That can only mean one thing: its time for another edition of “Its Friday!!!”

(Wait for applause to die down)
(Still waiting)
(Still waiting)
(OK, shaddup already.)

This Friday we have a very special episode planned and it does not involve the “Diff’rent Strokes” kids and a perverted bike shop owner. This special episode also does not feature the “Facts of Life” girls and that uncomfortable dating request on prom. This special episode does not even have techs not wanting to work or patients not wanting to come in. No, this special episode features a very happy Kanrei and his co-workers going to a Japanese Steak House for his birthday lunch. It also features a very happy Kanrei right before taking three days off next week. Yes, this is a rare very happy Kanrei episode, thus the special nature.

On the lonely update- I did not feel lonely at all last night. Not even for a second. The other night was either a fluke or the beginning of a slow gradual change; not sure which. I welcome the change if that is it and am happy it was a one time fluke if that is what it is. I suppose my Gemini twins are debating to be alone or not to be alone. Is that not the ultimate question? Eager minds await the answer.

The one political issue on my mind is Palestine. Being Jewish I can’t help feel some connection to Israel and I have watched the world blame Israel for the situation in that area for most of my life. Those of us who are Jewish have accepted Israel’s role in the mess, but have always questioned who exactly Israel is supposed to negotiate with. The situation right now in Palestine I hope shows the world this problem we Jews have faced for years- namely that those opposed to Israel’s existence are also opposed to each other’s. One cannot seek peace with people who are not at peace with themselves. It is time for the Muslim world to look at itself and decide where it wants to fit into today’s world. The Jews had to do it and the Christians had to do it. Time for the newest faith on the block to do it.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Have another amazing weekend and avoid those cliffs.


Joanie said...


littlebirdblue said...

A mini-vacation sounds like an awesome birthday present.

Variant E said...

Do like me...just take the whole summer off. Why not. What are you waiting for, retirement?

Serena Joy said...

Happy Birthday and ... Happy Mini-Vacation! Have a great time.:)

Scary Monster said...


and yes, me did have to shout it out.
Do yurself a favor, take more than three days off and go have fun in a place you've never been to before. The one and only cure for whatever ails ya.

Stay cool and STOMPY!

Serena Joy said...

I think the time has come to send out a search party to find the missing Lemming King. I've already started on the milk cartons. Who'll volunteer for stapling posters to telephone poles?

Rodrigo said...

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littlebirdblue said...

Yeah, Kanrei. S-J and I are worried about you.