Thursday, June 28, 2007

It Begins

I did it finally! I started the “quit smoking” pill this morning after two weeks of not filling the script and two days of putting off starting. I feel….intoxicated. Not fully drunk or stoned, but just mellow. I cannot concentrate fully right now on things so I am very happy for the light day of work today. I have yawned thirteen times in the last hour for example.

I am still smoking today and should be for the next seven days. Next Thursday is the magic day for me and July 4th the last nicotine day of my life. I feel more confident in my decision to quit smoking today, but I am also fearful of the side effects to come. More later, I am feeling a bit spacey right now. I wonder if I should quit the Prozac while I am on these new pills.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

UPDATE I just got off the phone with the company that makes the pill. It seems no testing was done to see the possible effects of Prozac on people taking it so I am the offical testing bunny. They are going to call my doctor in a few weeks to check and see how I am doing. The side effects I have felt thus far are new to them however so it can be anything. Tomorrow I skip my Prozac to see if the effects continue. If they do then it is probably the pill; if they don't then it is the interaction of the two and something will have to be planned. More later.


Variant E said...

Good for you Kan. I've actually never even tried a cigarette before. Thank goodness!

Serena Joy said...

So, what happens on the 4th? There will suddenly be no craving for nicotine at all? Dang, I think I could do that.

Kanrei said...

In theory, before the fourth. It only took my mom 4 days after like 30 years.

littlebirdblue said...

Hang in there, little (guinea) piggie. You're doing fine.