Monday, June 04, 2007

The "Less Than Two Week" Countdown Begins

Mark your calendars and make sure you have the day free. Considering it is a Sunday I am sure you will have it free, but it being Father’s Day makes it a crapshoot. You may decide wishing your father a happy day takes priority, but I assure you that pseudo-holiday is nothing compared to the grandeur hidden from most on that day. Oh yes, there will be blood…I mean joy. Sorry, “Saw” quote slipped in somehow.

Sunday! June Seventeenth! Two Thousand Seven! There are no days more important to you than Sunday, June 17th, 2007. Your world should stop turning, phones should be unplugged, and checks better already be in the mail because Sunday, June 17th, 2007 is the day that your one and only Kanrei turns…..wait for it…..36!

“Dude, that is sooooooo old.”

I know, I know. My bones creak already and I am forgetting….something. I forgot what I forgot which makes forgetting less painful come to think of it, but I am getting old. And to celebrate my birthday I am quitting smoking on that day for good. For ever. Once and for all. No more tobacco products will be purchased or consumed by me ever again.

I never expected to live to 30, but since I have I figured I should try and see just how long I can ride this adventure out. Smoking is only going to end the quest before it is over and I can’t have that. I’ve got too much invested in this story to not see it through. Too many people would find life boring without me around to annoy and/or confuse them. I mean think of the poor office staff that relies on me to validate how normal they are. Without me they might start to doubt their own sanity so I am quitting smoking for them more than me. I am taking a hit for the team. Wish me luck.

It’s almost 3 so I have to get back to work before I leave for the day. I should try to squeeze in at least an hour of work before leaving early, don’t ya think?


Serena Joy said...

Oh, my God, you poor ancient old man! Whatever will you do when you reach MY advanced age? LOL. Buck up, kiddo -- 36 ain't nothin'. I'm marking my calendar for the big event.:-)

Kanrei said...

Forget being 36? =P

Serena Joy said...

No, don't forget it -- just enjoy it! It's still practically childhood.:-)

joanie78 said...

Way to go and do has just begun

Scary Monster said...

36?! Me would give two grey hairs offa Me nut-sac to be 36 again.

Damned whippersnapper.

btw Me will be teachin kids how to ride motorcycles that day. Will light a candle on the gas tank of the one that annoys me the most as a tribute to the lemming house.


littlebirdblue said...

Wait a sec...did I read that right? Did you sneak a little something in there about quitting smoking? Good for you, dude.