Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dear Democratic Presidential Hopefuls,

I realize you do not know me or honestly care what I have to say, but I feel the need to give you some advice just the same. I also realize the odds of you actually listening to my advice is less than my sneezing the Mona Lisa, but I feel I must at least try.

I should state upfront that I do not yet support any of you for the position you are vying for right now, but there is still a long time before the election. Most of you seem to want the job just to show someone up or prove something to yourself, but are any of you honestly qualified to be President in any way, shape, or form? The three Democratic front runners have a sum total of just over three terms in Congress to their names. Only Hillary is in her second term and that so far has been mostly campaigning which is better than Obama who is spending his entire FIRST term on the trail and not representing his state.

I am trying to learn your positions, but so far that has been impossible. I have tried to watch the debates, but there is nothing there that really matters. Each of you are acting as if you are running against George W. Bush. Last time I checked he cannot run again. I don't want to hear about his failed policies and how your plans are better than his. He is the definition of “lame duck” and comparing yourself to a lame duck who cannot run makes you what?

Right now you should be concentrating on telling us what makes you different and why we should support you. You are not running against GWB right now nor are you running against the Republicans. Right now you are running against the other people on that stage with you. Speak of their ideas and how they are weak compared to your's and leave the Bush-bashing for the pundants.

Hillary, you voted for the war so get over it. Say YOU messed up. Do not blame anyone else. You voted. Stop trying to spin it and just move on. Anything less makes you look pathetically like a politician and we are sick of politicians right now.

Obama, you might one day make a great President, but 2008 does not contain that day. Your inexperience in politics shows when you are forced to think on your feet. You are young and I would recommend you sticking to the Senate for a few terms and make a difference there.

John, John, John. What are we going to do with you? You lost once already. Your running now seems desperately like you regret giving up your Senate seat and want to justify your bad choice in 2004. Winning now would really make losing the VP in 2004 worth it, huh? The thing is we didn't understand why Kerry picked you in 2004 to run with him when you have no experience in government really either. One term in the Senate hardly qualifies you to be Commander in Chief. I suppose you just think it would be “neat.”

You do have one thing going in your favor right now and that should bring you comfort- the GOP is in just as bad of shape with their prospects and I always say “no ideas beat bad ones” so you have hope.



joanie78 said...

we do need someone is one of the pathetic it has become

Variant E said...

Maybe Perot and Nader could team up?