Thursday, January 04, 2007

Working Out the Bugs of a Long Winter's Break

In 1992, one of the family was elected to the second highest office in this country. In 2000, he was elected to the highest office, but was never sworn in. Now, in 2006 two more of the family have rose to the top seats in both houses of Congress: Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi, the two most powerful Deadheads in the world. I am no longer worried about the future being in their hands for they are family.

“You know it’s gonna get stranger so let’s get on with the show”- Feels Like a Stranger

In two separate reports tonight on the Drudge Report we have confirmation that both the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate are Deadheads (one story on each one) and I do not mean dead from the neck up. I mean they are members of the tribe; they are family; they love the Grateful Dead. Al Gore’s status as a Deadhead was common knowledge, but I thought that he was a rarity in government. It seems he was not.

In an interview with a Las Vegas news station Harry Reid said that his most prized possession was a signed Grateful Dead poster. While I do not approve of his keeping it in his bathroom, I am still in awe of a Senator having a signed Dead poster anywhere. When I used to go to shows I never pictured world leaders in the tie-dyes next to me. More insane rambling homeless people, but that could just have been the drugs: theirs or mine.

The other story was more of a harsh tale, but that seems to be what Pelosi can expect for the next two years. It dealt with her proposed cuts to lobbying money and what exactly will not be affected by it. It is a savage piece, but one sentence stands out to me and apparently to Matt Drudge because he is why I even saw it. The sentence:

“The NYT describes it as a "$1,000-a-head fund-raiser with performances by Tony Bennett, Carole King, Wyclef Jean and the surviving members of the Grateful Dead. 'Ms. Pelosi is a huge Dead fan,' her spokeswoman said."

Maybe she is a hypocrite. To be honest, she probably is. I have yet to ever see a politician who isn’t, but I now I have to cut her slack as well. She is a Head and therefore gets the benefit of the doubt. It would be want Jerry and Brent and Pigpen, and Keith, and even Vince would want. She may have been that way just to get to where she is and will do the right thing now.

The truth is I could not really focus on the story, I am just so amazed that Deadheads are rising so high in government. The other truth is that I do not have that much to say about this other than what I have said. Babbling I know, but I am working back into the swing.


RexZeitgiest said...

Bwahahahahhzhhah....Not another Dead Head....

Now if only Drity Harry Reid and Nancy 'No Union Workers' Pelosi can get someting done, we will have something....

I like the Dead, but have never been a huge straight laced dad loved em'

Kanrei said...

I do not fully trust them. I look at their histories and there is not much there to put faith in, but there is also a core belief that Deadheads have. I must have hope that somewhere down deep inside they got the same message most other Heads got. There is a strong chance they did not, they are politicians after all, but this gives me something to attach my hope to.