Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mulligan in Two Years

I have reached a level of apathy towards politics lately. I have tried to care, honestly, but I just can’t. I am seeing the incoming Democrats to be as full of it as the out going Republicans and that has really taken the wind from my sails. They seem to feel they have the same mandate that Bush thought he had in 2004 and, truth is, they do- no mandate at all.

Bush did not beat Kerry really in 2004. Yes, Bush won the election, but Bush did not beat anyone. The only person who beat Kerry is Kerry. It was a gimme election for him. There was an unpopular war and an unpopular president running against an unknown. In those circumstances people tend to gravitate towards the unknown just for the change, but not in 2004. 2004 the people chose incompetence over unknown because Kerry failed to show he was a better choice. He never said what he would do different, only what Bush was doing wrong. That is why the people chose Bush- bad plan is better than no plan to most people.

It is this very same reason the Democrats took Congress in 2006. It was not that they were better than the Republicans or that people trusted the Democrats could do better, but rather that the American people felt the Democrats could not do worse. The Democrat’s bad plans (cut and run) are better than the Republican’s no plan (stay the course), but now the Democrats are showing their true colors as well.

When the American people threw out the GOP, they were throwing out the war in Iraq and the failed foreign policies. They were not voting for raising the minimum wage or any of these other “100 hour” goals the Democrats are setting for themselves. Raising the minimum wage is not important when people are dying every day in a civil war we have no business fighting in. We the people have one major issue on our minds and that is what the Democrats were given the power to fix. As sick as I am of Cindy Sheehan, she was correct to protest yesterday and try to remind the Democrats exactly what it is we elected them to do- stop this senseless war and bring our people home.

Maybe in two years we can call a "do over" and get some real people in power and not partisan hacks. Maybe in two years the American people will grow tired of the back and forth these two parties have given us and seek a new direction. Maybe in two years we will not elect McCain or Hillary to the Oval Office and not return a single Representative to the House. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb have worked very hard to get us into this mess and we need to stop looking to them fix the problems they cannot see they cause.

I call a mulligan in 2008. That gives our real hope two years to get their stuff together. I really hope someone does.


RexZeitgiest said...

I couldn't let this thread go unanwsered...I feel your apathy, I do....its hard to care when everything is a mish mash and no politican seems honest or real.....

The person who wins the presidency is the one that can cut through voter apathy..

Kanrei said...

Or can fool people into believing they are something different. In my life we have had more of the cons and less of the real leaders.