Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24, Day 6, Hour 1: 6-7am

I have been giving thought to how I am going to do this without ruining it. Tivo has certainly changed the way we watch television and I do not want to ruin anything for anyone who has yet to start, but I have to write about “24.” I am like a kid with a new toy right now and I am about to burst, but I also hate spoilers so this is going to be a careful dance for us both. I know, do not click to read more unless you WANT TO KNOW MORE. How’s that?

Still reading? I knew you would. I am the same way. I hate spoilers and still must read them. I think I hate surprises more than spoilers, but that is not an invitation to ruin 24 if you are ahead of me. It is ruined every other season by someone and I really want to get the same ride I got off the first season.

“The following takes place between 6:00am and 7:00am.”

The United States is undergoing its worst series of attacks ever. In the last nine weeks there has been eleven terrorists attacks (or was it 11 weeks and 9 attacks?) that has left numerous Americans dead and many more injured. The Office of Homeland Security has a suspect they believe to be responsible, but they are not sure how to find him. They have only one option and that is to bargain with another terrorist who will give him up, but for the ever present price. Today’s special is selling for $25 million and one Jack Bauer who is the agent who killed terrorist B’s brother years ago.

When we last saw Jack he was kidnapped by China and heading for a horrible fate, but this is “24” and he is the star so six minutes into the episode enter the military plane with a special package. The President has made some deal with the Chinese for Jack’s return only to immediately turn Jack over to terrorist B and his happy room straight out of the movie Hostel. You know the room: a single chair and lots of shiny metal sharp objects that two people are needed to play with but only one has fun. Jack was placed in such a room and we learned a little anatomy in the scene (there is a bundle of nerves right near your armpit that seems to hurt quite a bit when punctured with a knife) as well as the fact that terrorist B is the real terrorist and is setting up terrorist A who has lost faith in their cause. I was not prepared for the twists to start so early in the “day.”

Needless to say Jack partially escapes by pulling a Dracula on one of his guards (yes that is exactly what I mean) and unlocking his cuffs with the guard’s key. The first hour ends with Jack hiding in a sewer grate in terrorist B’s hideout.

Also within this single hour Jack Bauer was able to shave off two years facial hair growth, shower, change, be driven out to the middle of nowhere for the drop off, be picked up by the terrorists, tortured, and escape. That takes some serious suspension of disbelief. They are lucky they create a compelling show to be honest because it really requires an epic leap to follow some of their plots.

That is where episode one ended. Let me know if I ruined anything for you and I will not continue with the updates. The only schedule I can promise is I will write the next episode as soon as I return from watching it at my Rent’s house.

Jack Bauer is back and this year is going to be a great ride.


Variant E said...

The great thing about having never watched the show is that you've really not spoiled anything for me even though I read it because I have no flippin' clue what the show is about in the first place. You see, I have been living in a cave...

Roxan said...

I think I watched one episode. No, I don't suppose I did. So feel free to spill it all.

Kanrei said...

Oh my oh my you two are missing a great ride. Rent the first season on DVD. That is the one that is just WOW! Var, they have battery operated televisions now that can work in caves so that is not really an excuse any longer.

I think the show is best compared to those old serials from the 50's and 40's. You know the good guy is going to survive the fall, but not how. Every episode ends with the wagon on fire and out of control headed for a cliff basically. Lots and lots of fun.

Roxan said...

Maybe I will give it a watch, at least until the new season of Dexter starts.

Kanrei said...

I am with you on Dexter 100%. That show is so amazing I was sad when it ended. I have got to read the first book now that it will not ruin the show.

Did you notice how many actors from Oz are on that show? If you watched Oz that is. I have counted 5 so far and Dexter is from another HBO show. Showtime is looting HBO and I am so happy about that.

Roxan said...

Never watched Oz, but I did catch some of Six Feet Under.
Showtime hasn't always made wise decisions about its series. I discovered Dead Like Me on Scifi and was disappointed to learn it was no longer in production.

I also watch Masters Of Horror, but I've noticed they have this thing about skinning people. LOL

Kanrei said...

Showtime is getting better. Bullshit I love and Dexter made me keep Showtime when I was going to go back to HBO. Dead Like Me was great, but never found itself on Showtime. They let Stargate go as well. They are coming around though...