Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday vs Microsoft Word

2007 is off to a good start thus far it would appear. I mean I am having another good Friday this week. I even have plans this weekend to boot. OK, they are with my family, but plans are plans and I will be out of the Lemming House on Saturday which is not usual. I will even be out of the Lemming House before noon on a Saturday which is unheard of. Weird, huh?

Did you know Microsoft Word is Christian? Neither did I, but I have noticed this need for Word to tell me I spell “good” wrong every time I say I am having a good Friday. It wants me to capitalize the “G” so it is “Good Friday”, but that is only once a year I think. The little “you screwed up” green line is under the good in this sentence as well. Freaking wrong Word tells me I spell my last name wrong every time too.

You know you are a horrible speller when Word cannot even give you suggestions. So many times Word has said to me “Dude, you are on your own you illiterate freak. I am surprised you got your name right. Oh wait, you didn’t.” YES I DID YOU STUPID PROGRAM!

Sorry, I hate Word most times and am 100% dependant on it because I spell so horribly. I should be thankful for those annoying red and green lines for letting me know when I screw up, but some assistance other than “wrong again schmuck” would be nice. Makes me happy I use a demo version although if I paid I might get more help. Hmmmm….

We are at T-90 minutes until the weekend folks. I hope you have a great one. Babble more later…


Serena Joy said...

Heh. I did not know Microsoft was doing double duty as a missionary. LOL.

Personally, I much prefer Word to Word Perfect. I paid to get Word to replace my free WP. It does annoy me that it will automatically correct the spelling of my Twisted Linguistics if I don't watch it, but I guess I sort of like the annoying red and green lines because they alert me that I've screwed up.

Steve G said...

Hey, us guys that don't spell well need all the help we can get.

Kanrei said...

Before I met a word cop spelling wrong was just another part of creative writing. Now I fear being put on public display. The sheriff would not do it, but she now has many deputies running about. No longer a safe world for the spelling criminal.