Sunday, January 28, 2007

The 79th Year of Giving Make Up Awards for Years Missed by the Academy

I was looking at the nominee list for the 79th Annual Academy Awards and realizing I have not seen one movie nominated this year. This fact makes me 100% as qualified as every other person voting and therefore would like to enter my choices for the top awards. I mean the awards are never really about the current performances so much as the politics of Hollywood and one does not really need to see the movies up for the award to know who will win.

I am going to pick my winners according to the order they are listed at the Oscar Awards website.

The winner for Actor in a Leading Role will go to… Forest Whitaker. Just kidding. He is the person who should win in all likelihood and will get the award for this performance in a few years, but this year has eight time loser Peter O’Toole up for what is probably his last. They tried to give him an honorary one but he declined it saying he wants one on the merit of his work. I wonder if he will turn this one down since it will obviously be given to him instead of earned. He does deserve one for “Lawrence of Arabia” if nothing else and the fact he has yet to win one is a crime, but is he really the best of THIS year?

For Actor in a Supporting Role I am going to say Eddie Murphy. I have a feeling this is going to be a politically correct Oscar year with Dreamgirls sweeping almost every category they are in. This would also give the Actress in a Supporting Role to Jennifer Hudson which from what I hear is something she has completely earned from her performance.

I see the Hispanic culture being given their due credit as well this year with Penelope Cruz up for Actress in a Leading Role and Pan’s Labyrinth for Cinematography.

Martin Scorsese is going to take best Director for the simple fact that he, like Peter O’Toole, is an eight time Oscar loser. I cannot say if The Departed deserves the award, but I can say Scorsese has deserved it many times in the past and Clint Eastwood has already won his. To make it up to Mr. Eastwood however, Letters from Iwo Jima will take best picture. The Academy loves war movies.

Animated is down to Cars and Happy Feet. Looking at the global warming debate that has raged this last year I am going to say that Happy Feet will beat Cars. One is the story of penguins and the Artic and the other is about the machines that are blamed for destroying the Artic. This is the ultimate no-brainer in a no-brainer Oscar year.

To sum up:

Best Actor- Peter O’Toole
Best Actress- Penelope Cruz
Best Supporting Actor- Eddie Murphy
Best Supporting Actress- Jennifer Hudson
Best Animated Feature- Happy Feet
Best Director- Martin Scorsese
Best Cinematography- Pan’s Labyrinth
Best Movie- Letters From Iwo Jima

Place your picks.


The one and only incredibly Scary Monster said...

Hey buddy. It looks as if your back in tune again.
Me hasn't ever really paid attention to the Oscar's just because it seems a little ridiculous to me that people should make a big deal out of giving awards to themselves. Besides Me never went to see a film just because it won an award. me is more likely to check something out that a friend reccomended.

Serena Joy said...

I haven't seen any of them, either. Not a one of the nominated movies is anything I'd pay to see. Just not my cup of tea, I guess.

I know exactly what you mean, SM. I refuse to give any attention to the Oscars or any of the other ubiquitous awards. I think it's a LOT ridiculous to watch a bunch of spoiled rich people pat themselves on the back and fawn over the competition.

Scary said...

Iffin me writes one more post, the words you inspired me to write will be lost in my "older posts" area. and since no one ever goes there the particular thoughts me had will be lost. Please come and visit and praise Me for I truly want to know that you are doing well and not succumbing to the corporate mentality.