Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday, Bad Lunch, Slow Clock, and Titles

Here is the question: is a slow and boring but easy Friday better or worse than a busy and quick moving, but hard and frustrating one? It is a serious question because after weeks and weeks and weeks of begging for an easy Friday I got one and am bored. I have checked my clock 10 times in the last five minutes. I know last Friday was slow, but it is in Warp 10 compared to today.

Normally Fridays are a stress filled savage attack on my temper with techs not wanting to work and more patients than we have beds wanting to come in. The last few weeks has been the opposite with techs wanting hours and patients gone for the long holiday. We are now in the second week of January and people are starting to go back to their doctors and appointments are starting to come back. We are always pretty dead from mid-December to mid-January which is why research is such a gift; it keeps us afloat during the lull in patients. Today is a new case for me and I am not used to it. I got everything done in one hour. Everything!

I don’t normally do this here, but “Fuck come on already!” I mean I have exactly the number of techs I need for the number of patients I have: no more, no less. I have no one to cancel and no techs to frantically search for. This is really weird to be honest, but I am not complaining at all. The office staff is even in a great mood today including the office manager. A comet is going to fall on us, isn’t it? There is something afoot I can tell.

I can say everything is not going great however. I got sent to buy groceries for the sleep lab: bagels, waffles, O.J, the normal breakfastie foods. I was starving and passed the deli of this store. I will not say which store it was, but will give you a hint: its name is located within this actual song title by Alice Donut- “'The Son Of A Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects On His Life While Getting Stoned In The Parking Lot Of A Winn Dixie Listening To Metallica.” Did that help any? I also liked the title “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” by Pink Floyd and the best album title ever is Joe Walsh’s “You Bought It, You Name It” followed closely by REO Speedwagon’s “You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish”, but this is a tangent and a big one at that. I was talking about the one bad part of this day. I should start this part over I think.

I can say everything is not going great however. I got sent to buy groceries for the sleep lab and was starving. I passed the deli of this store (see above) and saw a cuban sandwich sitting in plastic housing and looking almost eatable. At my level of hunger it looked more than eatable…silly me. The cheese was harder than the plastic the sandwich came in and the white stuff I thought was mayo was certainly not mayo and I am pretty sure I really do not want to know what it was. I think they substituted cardboard for the role of meat in today’s production as well. I ate every bite of it though, hunger sucks. If I don’t post at all this weekend, call 911 because it means the sandwich got the better of me.

Happy weekend to all and to all a happy weekend. Wait, that was redundant. IT said the same thing. It repeated itself.


joanie78 said...

Publix...never Winn Dixie for prepared food. Hope you don't get sent to your other office like the last good Friday. Have a good weekend too.

Serena Joy said...

Heh. There's always something out there waiting to fall on us. It's best not to even think about that. Put your day into the perspective of dull and uneventful trumps chaotic and manic. Here's to 5:00 o'clock. Happy weekend!

The Phantom said...

Kan... I don't know the answer to your question. However, I had a crazy,hecktic morning today followed by a slow as a painful death afternoon. It sucked too! I guess a nice steady pace is the way to go but how can we acheive that? LOL

The Phantom

RexZeitgiest said...

Just keep thinking when bored, I am making money, I am making money....I helps dull the boredom....

I am nervous, I have to get a job. I have not had a 'normal' 9-5 since I was 22 years old....I am more then a little apprehensive, even though I know I will make more money at whatever job I take then I ever have before....

P.S. Always make them make a fresh sandwich.....Safeways giant subs kick ass!

RexZeitgiest said...

Hey, I was just talking to Phantom at the PWZ!


JuJu Martini said...

Loved the song/album titles. Big fan of Pink Floyd myself. Hope you do not suffer the potential ill-effects of ill-prepared "food."
Here's to a better weekend!

Scary Monster said...

Me always figured you can trick time iffin you just don't look at the clock. That's why Me never wears a watch.
Me was a bit saddened to hear about the passing of RAW and Me has also been influenced by one of the most interesting minds me has ever encountered. Prometheus Rising kinda messed me head up for weeks. Me still keeps it by me bedside along with a number of other "emergency" titles.
Me had listend to Pink Floyd for something like 5 years as a teen before I ever discovered what a pict was.
Dumb, huh