Thursday, December 28, 2006

Choose Your Own Story: Adventure Two

Today's Choose Your Own Story is not celebrity based at all. Instead I will simply give you a quote from a commander serving in Iraq today and compare it to one made by President Ford 30 years ago. The story once again should write itself- enjoy.

"I have come to the conclusion that this is no longer America’s war in Iraq, but the Iraqi civil war where America is fighting"

This is a quote from Maj. William Voorhies in an article appearing in The New York Times. He is currently serving as “the American commander of a military training unit in Baghdad” according to the Times story.

"Today, America can regain the sense of pride that existed before Vietnam. But it cannot be achieved by refighting a war that is finished as far as America is concerned."

This is a quote from Gerald Ford explaining why he withdrew from Vietnam.

One last quote: those who do not study history are condemned to repeat it.

Time to thank them for the flowers and candy and come home.

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RexZeitgiest said...

In just a few hours the main goal of this war will have been accomplished, bringing Saddam Hussein to justice....

After that happens it wil be a matter of if we want to have a stable Iraq or not.....If we leave imediately, it will surely fail, endangering the entire world for decades..... If we stay, we will continue to lose American lives in a civil war.....

I am glad I don't have to make that call.....or write that story.....