Friday, October 06, 2006

Today on "It's Friday"

I know the question on all Lemming minds is “what happened to the Friday update today?” I know the ones that have paid attention are also wondering if it was a good day or a bad day since Fridays and I do not get along. Well, the questions to all that and more will be answered in today’s “It’s Friday” installment. Not more to be honest, but those will be answered I think….I hope.

As many of you know I work for a sleep disorders center here. In addition to regular sleep studies for sleep apnea and various other sleep disorders we also perform some drug studies and things like that. Before we get a new study, we must send them a sample of our machines so they know what we use and how well they work. To get this we must have a subject and I will give you three guesses who they pick to be the subject.

As the subject I do not take anything. It is not as ominous as I made it sound actually. What it means is that I get to sleep at work while hooked up as if I was an actual patient. I slept about 2 hours total today at work and got paid for it which just amuses me to no end. I would get fired from my old job if I fell asleep; here I get paid for it. What a country.

The two hour nap does not mean I got to forgo my usual Friday hell. No such luck for this lemming. I still had to schedule for the three days despite losing two hours of work time. The Friday was with me though. Maybe the full moon makes a friendlier Friday or something. I don’t really know and do not want to. I just am happy everything worked out and everyone is coming in.

We even have a full house all three nights so that means I needed 11 techs each night. I had more than I needed so I do not even have to give out too much overtime this weekend which always makes the bosses happy. I canceled three in fact which never happens. I have a good feeling about this weekend and since it is after 5 it can no longer hurt me.

Happy weekend to everyone with a life and I will see you later to everyone without one.


Serena Joy said...

I wouldn't mind a job where I actually had somewhere to sleep. Dang, Kan, the full moon has the opposite effect on you than it does me. It turns me into the Creature From the Black Lagoon. You, it smiles on. Go figure.

I have no life, so I guess I'll be seeing you later. LOL.

RexZeitgiest said...

That is one relaxed cat......

Ya know, the way you thnk about a particular day is somewhat arbitrary....Maybe ina way its goood you get swamped with work on Friday because time moves more quickly when one is busy....So maybe Friday is a good thing...

Its all mental

Kanrei said...

Maybe my good full moon is just another aspect of your bad one. Tee hee?

That could be Rex, except it is so mean to me usually I have my doubts. I think Friday just plain hates me.

Gal said...

Catnip makes my cat sleepy. Too bad it doesn't have that effect on humans. Of course, then you'd be out of a job, Kan. Your sentiments about Fridays makes me glad I didn't use the handle Gal Friday. LOL