Monday, October 30, 2006

A Lemming Halloween Mission

By Kanrei

Last year I remember a massively loud yet physically small group opposing Halloween. It might have only been a Floridiot thing (we have many), but I recall people trying to ban Halloween from schools and encouraging people not to take their kids trick-or-treating. They did not want people to celebrate a holiday they decided was evil.

Later on that same year this same massively loud yet physically small group opposed the non-commercialization of Christmas. They felt that Christmas just was not getting enough press and wanted all other holidays to bow before the might of the Festival of Dionysus I mean Christmas. It is the “reason for the season” after all. I am not positive,but I am pretty sure Joseph and Mary celebrated Chanukah.

To be honest, I was not sure what holidays we're allowed after all that going into this year. Will my house be egged if I do hand out candy or if I don’t? Should I say “Merry Christmas” to everyone even though I celebrate Chanukah? Doesn’t “Happy Holidays” cover it all rather nicely?

Regardless, this year’s holiday blitz has been surprisingly and refreshingly quiet. I have never heard such a wonderful silence in all my life. I just am not sure if the silence is because the massively loud yet physically small group actually won or if it is because they came to their senses? We have no trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood normally so I will not know the answer until Christmas time.

The lack of T-or-T’s around here is not due to religious fervor, but rather a sad reality of the day. Miami is not the town it was when I grew up. As a kid I used to have two or three costumes so I could hit the houses in my neighborhood more than once. Maximize and abuse fr
ee candy: a Liberal even as a youth. We had the legends of the poison popcorn, the razorblade apple, and the stickers laced with acid (never got those), but we still wandered the neighborhood safely with only a parental inspection of the candy afterwards to worry about.

Today people take their kids to the malls and upper class neighborhoods far from their homes for candy today here because they cannot trust the people next door anymore. Shame really.

I need the help of all Lemmings to figure this sign out. With no T-or-T’s here I will not know if Halloween is dead. There was no “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” this year, but was there one last year? Please let us know how Halloween goes for you. If there are no children in masks begging for free candy anywhere then we have a very nasty and bitter holiday season coming.

"We" and "Us" consists of myself and my cats. They were not very much help with this story however because they have found a crumbled piece of paper that has them fixated.


Serena Joy said...

Some people seem to have nothing better to do than try to spoil other peoples' fun. For example, the idiots who got playing tag at some school banned because the kids "might get hurt." Ridiculous.

As for Halloween and T or T, there aren't many kids in my neighborhood who still do it, either. They all go to organized activities instead -- for, apparently, safety reasons. I have candy. If they come, they'll get some. If not, I'll be eating candy for weeks. LOL.

So, bottom line, I don't know. Perhaps sooner or later, all holidays and games will be banned and kids will live in bubbles. Won't that be fun. :(

Kanrei said...

John Travolta dug it.

RexZeitgiest said...

Sadly, its not as safe as it once was to roam the streets and trust the kindness of strangers....15 years ago I got lots of trick or treaters, this year I am expecting none.......

Its seems as if most kids already have a route of safe houses planned out...People they know and trust.....

I know my neices and nephews are going to hit my moms house tonight....I plan on checking them out before the party begins.....

Nice piece Kan....

IL said...

I am happy to say we had 45 trick or treaters descend on the mansion. Up by 25 from last year. I had to make another run for candy so as not to disappoint the little devils.

I even had a kid tell me my car had been shave-creamed, and I should rinse it off as it ruins the finish. Amazing.

As for Happy Holidays, it's okay, but as a saying it's too sterile. I rather hear Merry C, Happy C, and any other merry or happy, or whatever.

Life is too short to generalize it. The more specific we are, the more we can appreciate all its nuances.

Kanrei said...

Hey IL,
We had around 18 which is up 18 from last year.
I cannot argue with your Happy Holidays statement. Beautiful thought I wish more people had.